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Smart Supply Chain and Logistics

About the Group

Traditional supply chains are becoming increasingly complex as elements of information technology, artificial intelligence, and data science are integrated to improve traceability, quality, efficiency, and cost reduction. This research group aims to generate decision-making and optimization models for planning and real-time operations.

In the group, we attack problems of logistics, task planning, product distribution, personnel transport, warehouse management, and port operation, among others. For this, we build mathematical models and propose efficient resolution algorithms to obtain good-quality solutions in the shortest possible time.

Research lines

• Analysis, modeling, and optimization of supply chains.
• Data science for decision-making.
• Smart, sustainable, humanitarian logistics and transport.


Yasmín Ríos Solís -


Eva Selene Hernández G. -


Cipriano Santos Borbolla, Profesor de excelencia
David Coit (Visiting Professor - Rutgers University)
Jonathan Montalvo Urquizo
José Andrés García González
Leopoldo Eduardo Cárdenas Barrón
Luisa Fernanda Chaparro Sierra
Martín Flégl
Marzieh Khakifirooz
Mostafa Hajiaghaeikeshteli
Neale Ricardo Smith Cornejo
Omar Ibarra Rojas - UANL
Roberto Wolfler Calvo (Visiting Professor - Universidad Sorbona Norte, Francia)
Víctor Gustavo Tercero Gómez

Most relevant publications

 Vehicle and reliable driver scheduling for public bus transportation systems
A Andrade-Michel, YA Ríos-Solís, V Boyer
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 145, 290-301

 Quantifying Perception of Security Through Social Media and Its Relationship With Crime
Chaparro, Luisa Fernanda; Pulido, Cristian ;Rudas, Jorge ;Victorino, Jorge;Reyes, Ana María; Estrada, Camilo ;Narvaez, Luz Angela ; Gómez, Francisco
IEEE Access, vol. 9 139201-139213

 Minimax optimization for recipe management in high-mixed semiconductor lithography process
M Khakifirooz, CF Chien, M Fathi, PM Pardalos
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 16 (8), 4975-4985

 Production planning of a furniture manufacturing company with random demand and production capacity using stochastic programming
Gómez-Rocha JE, Hernández-Gress ES, Rivera-Gómez H
PLoS ONE 16(6): e0252801.

 Extended formulation and valid inequalities for the multi-item inventory lot-sizing problem with supplier selection
Cárdenas-Barrón, L.E., Melo, R. A., Santos, M. C.
Computers & Operations Research, 130, 105234, 1-12 (2021).

• Gholian-Jouybari, F., Hashemi-Amiri, O., Mosallanezhad, B., & Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M. (2022). Metaheuristic Algorithms for a Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Considering Marketing Practices under Uncertainty. Expert Systems with Applications, 118880.

• Esteban Ogazón, Neale R. Smith, Angel Ruiz (2022) Reconfiguration of foodbank network logistics to cope with a sudden disaster. Mathematics, DOI: 10.3390/math10091420

Most relevant projects

• “Optimizing urban transportation planning for developing countries”, FOP05-2020-01,  Yasmín Ríos Solís, 2021

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