Product Innovation


We investigate state of the art concepts and generate significant contributions related to the identification of demand from Rapid Growing Markets as well as characterization and application of accelerating technologies for product and process innovations. We also design and create reference models, methodologies and tools for Rapid Product Innovation and Realization. Our group creates and builds conceptual and functional prototypes of products in the areas of advanced manufacturing technologies (micromachines/micro-factories, 3D printers), sustainable technologies (solar energy, smart grids, green houses) as well as bio-medical devices and intelligent robots.

Research lines

Benchmarks, models and methodologies for the integrated development of products, processes and production systems.
• Models, methods, techniques and information technologies for accelerated product development.
• Use of emerging technologies for product development.


Arturo Molina Gutiérrez

Core researchers

David Güemes Castorena
Jorge Armando Cortés Ramírez
Juan Julieta Noguez Monroy
Pedro Ponce Cruz
Rafael Batres Prieto

Adjunct researchs

Carlos Téllez Martínez
Gildardo Sánchez Ante
José Martín Molina Espinosa
Miguel Jesús Ramírez Cadena


Doctoral students

Abel Chávez Morales
Daniel Rodrigo Ramírez Rebollo
Dante Chavarría Barrientos
David Christopher Balderas Silva
Edna Lorena Murcia Carrillo
Eduardo Torres Sánchez
Francisco Javier Pereda Gómez
Héctor Mauricio Moreno
Iván Salvador Villanueva Rosas
Jhonattan Miranda Mendoza
Luis Miguel Ibarra Moyers
Manuel Alejandro Trejo Letechipia
Mario Rojas Hernández
Rogelio de la Garza Giacomán

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