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Product Innovation

About the Group

We investigate state of the art concepts and generate significant contributions related to the identification of demand from Rapid Growing Markets as well as characterization and application of accelerating technologies for product and process innovations. We also design and create reference models, methodologies and tools for Rapid Product Innovation and Realization. Our group creates and builds conceptual and functional prototypes of products in the areas of advanced manufacturing technologies (micromachines/micro-factories, 3D printers), sustainable technologies (solar energy, smart grids, green houses) as well as bio-medical devices and intelligent robots.

Research lines

Benchmarks, models and methodologies for the integrated development of products, processes and production systems.
• Models, methods, techniques and information technologies for accelerated product development.
• Use of emerging technologies for product development.
• Models and centers for decision making based on visualization systems, data analysis and analytical models.

• Development of S ^ 3 products (Sensing, Smart and Sustainable)
• Development of systems and architectures for the automatic generation of software


Arturo Molina Gutiérrez -

Core researchers

Azael Jesus Cortes Capetillo
David Güemes Castorena
Juana Julieta Noguez Monroy
María Soledad Ramírez Montoya
Pedro Ponce Cruz
Rafael Batres Prieto

Adjunct researchs

David Christopher Balderas Silva
Edgar Omar López Caudana
Jhonattan Miranda Mendoza
Jorge Armando Cortés Ramírez
Luis Jaime Neri Vitela
Luis Miguel Ibarra Moyers


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Retinal vessel extraction using Lattice Neural Networks with dendritic processing
Authors: Vega, R., Sanchez-Ante, G., Falcon-Morales, L., Sossa, H., & Guevara, E.

- A Community Perspective on Resilience Analytics: A Visual Analysis of Community Mood
Authors: López-Cuevas, A., Ramírez-Márquez, J., Sanchez-Ante, G., & Barker, K.

- Challenges and current developments for Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Enterprise Systems
Authors: Weichhart, G., Molina, A., Chen, D., Whitman, L., & Vernadat, F.

- End user perceptions toward smart grid technology: Acceptance, adoption, risks, and trust
Authors: Ponce, P., Polasko, K., & Molina, A.

- Classification of motor states from brain rhythms using lattice neural networks
Authors: Gudiño-Mendoza, B., Sossa, H., Sanchez-Ante, G., & Antelis, J.