This group focuses on the surface engineering by assisted plasma. Main research topics are: Prototype design and construction for the thermochemical treatment of steel parts as well as prototypes for physical vapor deposition (PVD); Nitriding, carbonitriding and oxy- carbonitriding of steels (stainless steels 316L, special steels as “Incaloy”, and titanium based alloys Ti6Al4Va); Thin film coatings on substrates for tribological systems, high performance components and metal dusting improvement that are required for applications in metalworking, automotive, aerospace and biomedical industry; Development of piezoelectric materials used as sensors. The built prototypes allow us to produce multilayer and multicomponent coatings with plasmas generated by DC, RF and microwave fields.

We also develop mathematical representation of kinetics growth in concomitant nitride layers as well as the mathematical representation of the effects in operating parameters related with the characteristics of thin films. We also perform the structural characterization of a wide variety of steels and thin films using scanning electron microscopy, transmission X-ray diffraction as well as micro and nano hardness and bolt testing.

Research lines

  • Design and construction of prototypes plasma-assisted treatments
  • Synthesis of multicomponent and nanostructured thin films
  • Structural characterization and mechanics of multicomponent and nanostructured thin films
  • Process characterization using optical emission spectroscopy techniques
  • Mathematical simulation of phase transitions in treated components


Joaquín Esteban Oseguera Peña

Core researchers

Andrea Guevara Morales
Berenice Vergara Porras
Dora Iliana Medina Medina
Jorge Sastré Hernández
José Antonio Otero Hernández
Olimpia Salas Martínez
Ulises Figueroa López


Postdoctoral researchers

Lizbeth Melo Máximo 
Martha Elena Jiménez Castañeda
Oscar Armando Gómez Vargas
Pamela Esmeralda Hernández Duran
Rafael Carrera Espinoza

Doctoral students

Antonio Jiménez Ceniseros
David Alejandro Bravo Garza
Esmeralda Uribe Lam
Fernando Noé Santiago Sánchez
Julio Azzael Hernández Móran
Lizbeth Melo Máximo
Nora Julieta Ramírez Herrera
Rafael Carrera Espinoza

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