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About the Group

Group focused on the synthesis and application of nanomaterials. On one hand, we work on the synthesis of micro or nano-structured thin films generated by means of plasmas. We functionalize films for many different purposes, including applications in tribological systems, protection against corrosion, development of sensors. We also include plasma assisted thermochemical treatments to produce compact layers of nitrides.

A research on composite materials generated with ceramic materials in polymers is carried out, and topics related to rheological and viscoplastic simulation of polymers are addressed.

We also focus on the mathematical representation of growth kinetics of concomitant nitride layers, as well as the mathematical representation of effects of operating parameters in relation to the characteristics of formed thin films. We also perform structural characterization of steels and thin films.

Research lines

  • Synthesis of multicomponent and nanostructured thin films
  • Structural and mechanical characterization
  • Mathematical simulation of phase transformations in treated components


Joaquín Esteban Oseguera Peña -

Core researchers

Alan Joel Miralrio Pineda
Andrea Guevara Morales
Berenice Vergara Porras
Dora Iliana Medina Medina
Horacio Vieyra Ruíz
José Antonio Otero Hernández
Leonardo Israel Farfán Cabrera
Ulises Figueroa López


Adjunct researchers

Carlos Eduardo Canto Escamilla
César David Reséndiz Calderón
Dulce Viridiana Melo Maximo
Elvia Patricia Sánchez Rodríguez
Ernesto Manuel Hernández Cooper
Heriberto Cruz Martínez
Jacqueline Liszeth Oliva Ramírez
José Angel Reyes Retana
Juan Manuel Eugenio Ramírez de Arellano Niño Rincón
Lindsay Sidney Hernández Muñoz
Lizbeth Melo Máximo
María Guadalupe Pérez Loredo
Milton Carlos Elías Espinosa
Rigel Valentin Gómez Acata


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Boro-nitriding coating on pure iron by powder-pack boriding and nitriding processes
Authors: Gómez-Vargas, O., Solis-Romero, J., Figueroa-López, U., Ortiz-Domínguez, M., Oseguera-Peña, J., & Neville, A.

- Use of surfactant-modified zeolites and clays for the removal of heavy metals fromwater
Authors: Jiménez-Castañeda, M., & Medina, D.

- Boriding kinetics and mechanical behaviour of AISI O1 steel
Authors: Elias-Espinosa, M., Ortiz-Domínguez, M., Keddam, M., Gómez-Vargas, O., Arenas-Flores, A., Barrientos-Hernández, F., West, A., & Sinclair, D.

- Tribological behavior of borided AISI 1018 steel under linear reciprocating sliding conditions
Authors: Carrera-Espinoza, R., Figueroa-López, U., Martínez-Trinidad, J., Campos-Silva, I., Hernández-Sánchez, E., & Motallebzadeh, A.

- Numerical and analytical analyses for active fiber composite piezoelectric composite materials
Authors: De Medeiros, R., Rodríguez-Ramos, R., Guinovart-Díaz, R., Bravo-Castillero, J., Otero, J., & Tita, V.