Advanced Manufacturing


This group focuses on applied research related to the design and manufacture of products with high added value using disciplines such as competitive intelligence, circular economy, biomanufacturing, additive manufacturing, precision engineering and laser-based microprocessing. The complete life cycle of the product is studied through competitive intelligence, circular economy, ecodesign and green manufacturing concepts. Some of the advanced manufacturing processes of interest to this group include: 3D printing of tissue engineering scaffolds, electrospinning of nanofibers, laser microcutting and microwelding, soft lithography for microfluidics, microinjection molding, micromilling, incremental sheet forming and metrology.

Research lines

• Additive manufacturing and laser-based processing
• Biomanufacturing
• Circular economies and eco-design
• Competitive intelligence
• Metrology and precision engineering


Ciro Angel Rodríguez González

Core researchers

Alfonso Gómez Espinosa
David Carlos Romero Díaz
David Isaac Ibarra Zarate
Eduardo Alejandro Flores Villalba
Erika García López
Jesús Alejandro Sandoval Robles
José Israel Martínez López
Marisela Rodriguez Salvador
Omar Eduardo López Botello
Yadira Itzel Vega Cantú

Adjunct researchers

César Augusto García Pérez
Elisa Virginia Vázquez Lepe
Enrique Cuan Urquizo
Jaime Bonilla Ríos
Jan Antonio Lammel Lindemann
Luis Felipe de Jesús Hernández Quintanar
Noel León Rovira

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