Nano-sensors and Devices


This group develops micro/nano manufacturing processes and applies them to the creation of sensors and other miniaturized devices. Its activities are particularly related to the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices based on electrokinetic and/or centrifugal forces, for applications in clinical diagnosis and environmental engineering.

Carbon nanostructured materials are also developed and used for the development of impedance sensors and electrochemical sensors, and in energy storage devices. The group has a solid expertise in photosensitive polymers and their application to 3D printing. It has lines of research in nanophotonics and nanophotonics devices, as well as in the physics of optical metamaterials and their application in ultrasensitive biosensors.

Researcher lines

• Micro / nano manufacturing processes
• Micro / nano carbon sensors
• Microfluidic devices based on eletrokinetic forces and / or centrifugal forces
• Photosensitive polymers and 3D printing
• Nanophotonic devices and optical metamaterials


Sergio Omar Martínez Chapa

Core researchers

Antonio Ramón Xicoténcatl Favela Contreras
Héctor Alán Aguirre Soto
Israel De León Arizpe
Samira Hosseini
Sergio Camacho León
Víctor Hugo Pérez González

Adjunct researchers

Alfonso Ávila Ortega
Apurv Chaitanya Nellikka
Arnoldo Salazar Soto
Claudia Bautista Flores
Gaurav Chauhan
Graciano Dieck Assad
Itzel Montserrat Lara Mayorga
José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado
Kumar Wickramasinghe
Luis Antonio Carrillo Martínez
Marc Madou
MohammadMahdi Aeinehvand
Rafael Camilo Lozoya Gamez
Roberto Carlos Gallo Villanueva
Sunshine Holmberg

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