Nano-sensors and Devices


This group develops micro/nanofabrication processes and novel miniaturized sensors and devices, particularly photonic and electrochemical sensors, as well as micro-labs on a chip. These sensors and devices are fabricated with various materials, such as metals, polymers and carbon, and can integrate ad-hoc microelectronic systems.

The group deals mainly with, but is not limited to: applications related to environmental monitoring, such as sensor networks that monitor groundwater and air pollutants produced by industrial activity; separation and processing of biological materials used for new drugs; the analysis of biological fluids for the prevention, detection and monitoring of diseases; and the development of devices for monitoring and improving cell culture. The group’s experimental facilities include: a laboratory for fabrication and characterization of micro/nanostructures and microfluidic devices, a laboratory for prototyping electronic systems and a computer laboratory for multiphysics modeling and microelectronics design.

Researcher lines

• Micro/nano-production processes
• Electro-kinetic cell and particle manipulation in microfluidic devices
• Carbon micro/nano-devices for energy storage and detection applications
• Biosensors


Sergio Omar Martínez Chapa

Core researchers

Antonio R. Favela Contreras
Israel De Leon Arizpe
Sergio Camacho León
Víctor Hugo Pérez

Adjunct researchers

Alfonso Ávila Ortega
Graciano Dieck Assad
José Isabel Gómez Quiñones
Juan M. Hinojosa Olivares

Distinguished researcher

Marc Madou - Universidad de California at Irvine


Postdoctoral researchers

Bidhan Pramanick
Samira Hosseini

Postdoctoral students

Adrian Daniel Losoya Leal
Agustín E. Carbajal
Alejandro Piñón Rubio
José M. Rodríguez
Matias Vázquez Piñón
Melissa Marlene Rodríguez Delgado

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