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Javier Reynoso Service Management

Outliers - Javier Reynoso

For 26 years, I was immersed in an incessant process of facing difficulties and challenges to develop the service management area at Tec.   

Hi, my name is Javier Reynoso and I am one of the founding professors of EGADE Business School - Tec de Monterrey.

I graduated as an Industrial and Systems Engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey and then completed a short Total Quality program in Japan.  I started my career at Tec, where I worked for two years in the Quality Center, which resulted in a decision to pursue a Ph.D. in Service Management, a topic that is my passion, in the UK. Before graduating from the doctoral program in Manchester, I was invited to work on a joint project to create a new school: EGADE. It was a fascinating time, since, as in other nascent projects, we were given the freedom to dream, imagine, create in a big way. This stage was, without doubt, fundamental to being able to fulfill the dream of introducing education, research and best practices for services at Tec, in Mexico, which would also have an impact in other Latin American countries. Across the years, I have been able to participate in several stages of the school, from the design of courses and undergraduate and graduate academic programs, to continuing education and research activities in my role as a professor and consultant. 

For me, a memorable project was coauthoring the book, published by Pearson, “Administración de Servicios”, which won the Tec Rómulo Garza prize and sold more than 20,000 copies in 19 countries. But my story doesn’t end there. I had the enormous privilege of being invited to several schools and universities in different countries. At the start of the nineties, I was the first non-Anglo-Saxon at international congresses in the area of services. Each experience has been highly enriching and accompanied by special recognitions, but one is particularly special for me and close to my heart: the Christian Grönroos Service Research Award, bestowed by the Hanken School in Helsinki, Finland. 

I believe that my profession as an educator has given me immense satisfactions in my personal life, enabling me to touch, influence and leave a mark on the lives of hundreds, or even thousands, of people. As a professor, I have been able to pass on not only knowledge and experiences regarding Service Management, but also who I am.

I have always endeavored to be authentic and consistent in my way of thinking and acting, and true to my convictions, even though this may mean not following fashions and conventionalisms, very often going against the flow and facing challenges with conviction.

I am an Outlier because my story starts at Tec and ends up changing the world.

"Never give up and let your results speak for themselves."

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