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Francia Sanchez

Francia Sánchez - Outliers

Hi, my name is Francia Sánchez, and I am a starting player on the Tec de Monterrey volleyball varsity team. My story starts when I was a little girl and my father instilled in me a love for practicing sports. He was a basketball player and, a long time before I played, he would take me to games so I could understand how wonderful it is to be an athlete, which is when I began to lean towards volleyball.

I continued along my path next to the people who believed in me. Even though at that time I couldn’t even hit the ball, they promised that in five years’ time I would be the best center in the country. I believed in their words and these words made me stronger and stronger.

Tec noticed my growth and now that I am a member of the volleyball varsity team, I have understood the potential that was hiding in me and that I was able to fulfill to the maximum when they made me a starting player from the very beginning.

At present, I am studying a B.A. in Marketing, while running a small artisan jewelry store I started, all at the same time. I think that the greatest challenges you can face are those that take you out of your comfort zone, such as for me when, coming from Mexicali and facing the diversity of Tec Campus Monterrey; I thought about leaving in the first semester.

However, I remembered that my surroundings weren’t trying to set boundaries for me, but rather trying to make me concentrate on what I had come to do - to study and to play. This is what I pushed myself to do every day and is what helped me to improve.

This opportunity I had to be an athlete and do what I like best is like living life another way. I am an outlier because my story begin at Tec and end up changing the world.

"Volleyball helped me understand how wonderful my passion is."

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