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Irma Elisa Eraña Rojas - Faculty


Irma Elisa Eraña Rojas

National Director of the Medical Surgeon Program

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Campus Monterrey




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"Anatomic pathology is a medical specialty essential to understand the physiopathological processes of disease, to correlate them with clinical medicine and to arrive at a diagnosis to be able to help with treatment."

Eraña Rojas believes herself to be a researcher that, based on relevant clinical information, medical knowledge, and macroscopic and microscopic information, is capable to diagnose the pathologies in patients. She is certain that her challenge as an anatomopathologist is to keep herself up to date to arrive at a more accurate and complete diagnosis and to be of help on the patients' search for health. As a teacher, her main challenge is for her students to enjoy the learning process so that, despite difficulties, they feel pride when they finish their studies and have the necessary enthusiasm to continue their professional training.

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Teaching Activities

  • Advanced Cytology
  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Body Systems Pathology and Pharmacology
  • Medical Assistance in Advanced Cytology
  • Medical Care in Obstetrics and Gynecology


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Education and Training

  • Specialty in Pathological Anatomy, Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Surgeon, Tecnológico de Monterrey
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  • Faculty perceptions of dishonesty on medical students: Prevalence, motivations and implications Percepciones de los profesores sobre de la deshonestidad en estudiantes de Medicina: prevalencia, motivaciones e implicaciones.  Educacion Medica.  21:285-291. 2020 

  • The role of the medicine student in COVID-19 pandemic. A shared responsibility El papel del estudiante de medicina ante la pandemia de COVID-19. Una responsabilidad compartida.  Cirugia y Cirujanos.  88:399-401. 2020 


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Awards and Honors

  • Shortlisted to the Wharton- QS Stars REimagine Educaation Awards 2018 in the category Presence Learning award :Forensic Science Immersion Lab, conferred by Re-imagine Education QS Star, 2017
  • Microsoft innovative educator expert 2017-2018, conferred by Tecnológico de Monterrey, 2017
  • Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, conferred by Microsoft Corporation, 2016
  • Pathology Virtual Lab, conferred by Re-imagine Education QS Star, 2016