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César Alberto Lucio Ramírez - Faculty


César Alberto Lucio Ramírez

National Director of Academic Societies

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Campus Monterrey




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"Children are a vulnerable group and it is the pediatrician's duty to safeguard their health and integrity. This is why pediatrics is the medical area that fulfills and interests me the most."

Pediatrics and medical education are César Alberto Lucio Ramírez's greatest passions. Pediatrics, because children are vulnerable persons, many times voiceless, that need someone to look after their health. Medical education, because it encompasses what doctors do every day: teaching and sharing knowledge with those they educate. Taking care of patients is highly rewarding to him. Helping sick children, walking alongside healthy boys and girls while they grow up and develop, delivering babies during childbirth, are activities he gets to learn from as well as reasons to be grateful for. He is also certain that the future of a society lies in our children. 

From the time he started medical school, Lucio Ramírez was drawn toward medical education. To train students in healthcare sciences has a great impact on society, which is why producing excellent professionals with clinical skills, knowledge, and kindness is a challenge he has decided to take on. When searching for new techniques for teaching and learning, he fulfills his intellectual curiosity and his sense of innovation. He believes that the main challenge for pediatrics is to focus on the health of children in spite of distractors or other elements against it. The greatest effort you can make when it comes to medical education is, he claims, to keep a fresh attitude towards the ways the new generations learn nowadays.

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Teaching Activities

  • Hospital Pediatrics
  • Pediatrics Clinic
  • Pediatrics Hospital Clinic


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Education and Training

  • Specialty in Pediatrics, Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Surgeon, Tecnológico de Monterrey
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  • Evaluation of a multidisciplinary global health online course in Mexico 2020 

  • Clinical competence assessment: development of a mobile app to enhance patient centeredness.  Development and Learning in Organisations.  34:17-20. 2020 

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Awards and Honors

  • Teaching Excellence Award, conferred by Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group, 2020
  • Teaching Excellence Award, conferred by Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group, 2019
  • Fellow in Health Professions Education, conferred by the Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Education and Research, 2019
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Assessment and Accreditation, conferred by Keele University, 2019
  • Chief Resident, conferred by the SSNL-ITESM Multicenter Medical Residency Program, 2012