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Tania Alanis egresada de Relaciones Iternacionales

Tania Alanis - Outliers

Hi, my name is Tania Alanis, and I won the Youth Leadership Award 2019 in Washington DC. Ever since I started my degree, I have been an optimist

I believe that looking for the way things can be done is one of the key points to achieving great things.

I graduated from International Relations at Tecnológico de Monterrey, and if I could describe my experience in one word, it would be: incredible! Good moments abounded in my student life, from the very beginning when I was able to serve as Press Coordinator in the Foro de Mujeres Líderes and participate in the FEITESM Communication Council and Student Chapters. I also became involved in several FETEC campaigns, was a Cultural Ambassador in CARE, and even participated in several editions of HiTec.

Since I come from Durango, it wasn’t easy for me and I missed my family a lot. However, I remained close to them because family is the cornerstone of what we are, and we should never forget where we came from. Regarding my career, my first work experience was at the Tec “Digital Hub” in the Social Listening area.

Afterwards, I completed internships at Cuadrangular, a digital communication firm, gaining a great deal of experience at both companies, where I gave my very best.


This provided me with the confidence, despite my age, to seek new projects at Unilever North America, holding the position of Social and Search Analyst.

At the end of 2019, I, together with my group of friends decided to launch a Digital Communication Consulting and Training project. As a result, I was selected in the Political Communication Revelation category and won the Youth Leadership Award 2019 in Washington DC for having achieved successful projects at just 24 years of age.

I think that this helped to completely change the way I view things. I believe you never stop learning and we should never let go of our desire to be better. I didn’t focus only on work-related projects, but also have hobbies that help me in my everyday life, such as reading, writing, doing exercise, and even managing my own podcast.

All of this allows me to move forward and never settle for anything. Every day I set myself a new challenge to prove that I establish my own limits, certain that my age, and far less my gender, is not an obstacle.

I am an outlier because my story begin at Tec and end up changing the world

"Neither age nor gender are obstacles to overcoming your challenges."

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