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What is Outliers?

Outliers is a collection of excepcional stories experienced at Tec and after Tec. On this platform, the stories acquire a voice and a face, projected through videos and interviews with students, Exatec and members of the Tec community who found an unusual path to the successful accomplishment of their goals.

The project emerged from the desire to inspire the entire Tec community, to make each member a part of this moment of narrating and leaving a record of their story, transmitting a sense of pride and belonging. Everyone has a story to tell; everyone can be an Outlier.

Everyone has a story to tell. You can be an Outlier.

Tips & life stories
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Who is an Outlier?

An Outlier is someone who writes their story their way, a story that has marked their evolution and gradually built the person they are today.  Outliers are not conventional people. Even though they know that it won’t always be easy, they ever give up, but strive to be extraordinary and stand out in everything they do. They are people who were and still are part of the Tecnológico de Monterrey community, who continue to leave their legacy wherever they go.

Outliers never give up when their path becomes challenging, strewn with obstacles that could seem to be hurdles too large to surmount and keep going forwards.

Outliers turn this into an opportunity to create their own destiny and reinvent their objectives, because they know that the path to success is never straight and narrow.

Far beyond the skills they developed at Tec and their activities within the community, it is the courage not to choose the easy, comfortable, wide path. It is the decision never to settle for anything. It is the empowerment of their tools and values, and the capacity to put them into practice. This is what defines Outliers.

Outliers are people who through their actions can generate an impact on society, an impact that can change the world.

You can be an Outlier too! Tell us your story

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