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Strategic Alliances and External Relations

Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Hult Prize

Fundación Hult Prize

Hult Prize Foundation

This foundation is an accelerator of social entrepreneurship projects that focuses on young college students. Collaboration with the foundation is mainly aimed at the Hult Prize challenge, a global competition for young college students who are asked to create a social entrepreneurship initiative on a topic proposed by the foundation.

In 2019, a partnership between the Hult Prize Foundation and Tecnológico de Monterrey held the Changemaker Festival to inspire, educate and equip the student community to take action and be protagonists in the solution of the planet’s great problems through social entrepreneurship.

The Hult Prize Regional Summit for Mexico, with over 40 projects from universities around the world and more than 250 student participants, was part of the Changemaker Festival.


Babson College

Babson College has ranked No. 1 in entrepreneurship education in the United States for 20 consecutive years, and is Tecnológico de Monterrey's main ally on training issues and educational models. Within its Collaborative Consortium – made up of 23 entrepreneurial universities – Tecnológico de Monterrey presented some of its best-practice activities, and a team of students from the Mexico City Campus obtained third place in the international Babson Challenge competition with their company KANAN.

Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Babson College
Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Televisa Posible

Televisa Posible

Entrepreneurship, Strategic Alliances and External Relations, Babson College

Santander Universidades Impulsa

For the seventh consecutive year, Tecnológico de Monterrey took part in the POSiBLE initiative, a Televisa Foundation program that supports social entrepreneurship.

Santander Universities IMPULSA

Under the auspices of Santander Universities, Impulsa Business Accelerator developed the TrepCamp program, the purpose of which is to train high-impact entrepreneurs through a process of skills development. In the last stage of TrepCamp, selected students are awarded scholarships for a three-week summer stay in US and European universities that are distinguished by their outstanding innovation ecosystems.

Six hundred and fifty Tecnológico students participated in this program. Thirty students from various campuses passed the selection process and were given full scholarships to attend summer school at UC Berkeley and NYU, and universities in San Diego, Silicon Valley, Boston and Mexico City and visit the entrepreneurship ecosystems in the different regions. Approximately 75% of the participating students obtained outstanding grades, for which IMPULSA awarded scholarships of a lower percentage.

Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Santander Universidades Impulsa
Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Red Emprendia

Red Emprendia

RedEmprendia is a network of 28 universities from 8 Ibero-American countries dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with the support of Banco Santander. It is linked through Santander Universities to more than 1,000 educational institutions in the world. Its activities include the exchange of entrepreneurs and best practices in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the development of start-ups and entrepreneurial talent skills.

In 2020, three collaboration projects were successfully started at Tecnológico de Monterrey with the financial support of Banco Santander: a) Prototyping Bootcamp with the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, and the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; b) Internationalization of Brain Chile with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; and c) RedEmprendia TalentX with Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain, and Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

With more than 20 years of experience, GEM is the world's largest entrepreneurial research initiative. Tecnológico de Monterrey has represented Mexico in this program for more than 18 years.

In 2019, regional studies of Jalisco, Puebla and Querétaro were carried out, in addition to a national study.

In 2018, regional studies of Querétaro, Guanajuato and Jalisco and a national study were carried out. For the second consecutive year, the Instituto Yucateco de Emprendedores, in partnership with Tecnológico de Monterrey, implemented a study of the state of Yucatán, making Mexico one of the few countries worldwide with a significant number of regional studies on the subject.

Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank, an organization located in San Francisco, California, boasts more than 30 years of experience connecting innovative projects with capital and financing. Every year, it organizes an intensive three-day awareness and immersion program for high-potential entrepreneurs from top US universities such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Cornell. In 2019, Giselle Mendoza Rocha, an Economics student at Tecnológico’s Monterrey Campus and leader of the GECO company, participated successfully in the event.

Israel Global Entrepreneurship Network

Israel has become the benchmark for the development of high-impact entrepreneurship ecosystems. Tecnológico de Monterrey’s alliance with the Israel Global Entrepreneurship Network extends its collaborative footprint and establishes a presence in the world’s second most important region for technological entrepreneurship, only surpassed by Silicon Valley in the United States. In 2019, Tecnológico de Monterrey held the second three-week international high-impact entrepreneurship bootcamp, called Israel Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, in conjunction with this entity.

At the event, seven Tecnológico de Monterrey researchers were able to explore business opportunities and develop contacts to commercially promote the projects they were developing based on their scientific research.

Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Israel Global Entrepreneurship Network
Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Ashoka



Ashoka is an international non-profit organization that promotes social change through entrepreneurship in different sectors. It supports social entrepreneurship leaders and provides financial resources and professional support.

One of the association’s programs, Ashoka U, is helping universities to set a new standard in the field of social entrepreneurship. The Guadalajara Campus is certified as a Campus Changemaker and works closely with Ashoka to promote social entrepreneurship among its students. This year, it was recognized as one of 66 innovative institutions collaborating to drive and accelerate more than 200,000 agents of change.

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is a global network of organizations promoting entrepreneurship in emerging markets. ANDE members provide critical financial, educational and business support services to small and medium-sized enterprises based on the premise that SMEs create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth, and deliver environmental and social benefits.

Starting this year, Tecnológico de Monterrey is part of ANDE in the Central America and Mexico Chapter (CAM), which is focused on creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

Entrepreneurship, Strategic Alliances and External Relations, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

Emprendimiento, Alianzas Estratégicas y Vinculación externa, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

Ing. José Manuel Aguirre
Director de la Red de Parques Tecnológicos del Tec de Monterrey