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80th anniversary


Rector´s message

Celebrating an anniversary is an opportunity to connect with all of us who are part of the Tec Community. 

Eight decades ago, we started in a house with 350 students. Today, we have almost 100,000 and a presence in 20 states of Mexico. Since our beginnings, we have promoted innovation in education, entrepreneurship, and the development of leaders who transform and have a positive impact.

That is why I invite you to celebrate this incredibly special year and to feel proud to be part of Tec. 

Live this 80th anniversary intensely. 

You are always welcome to this, your home, Tecnológico de Monterrey. 

David Garza Salazar
Rector and Executive President 

Past, Present and Future

Tec de Monterrey, building transcending legacies for 80 years

This year of celebration, in which we give way to a new decade in our history, we´ve got the opportunity to reflect on our past, present and the challenges that the future demands of us to continue building transcending legacies.

80th anniversary Song

Canción 80 Aniversario - Yo Soy Tec

Relive conferences “Inspire to Transform”

Over the course of 2023, we’ll be offering the “Inspire to Transform” series of chats and lectures, which includes the participation of renowned national and international leaders, to share this celebration with our community and provide enjoyable spaces for conversation on topics that are transforming the world.

"Spinoza en el Parque México" Talk

The lecture series "Inspiring for transcendence" offers a space for dialogue between Francisco "Paco" Calderón and renowned historian Enrique Krauze, discussing their book "Spinoza in Parque México" (Spinoza en el Parque México).

“The new Map of the World un 2030 - 2040” with Parag Khanna

The forces of geopolitics, demographics, technology, and climate change are all colliding to result in humanity being forced to relocate like never before in history. What will be the new map of the world in 2030, 2040, and beyond? Who will be the winners and losers as climate change accelerates and the world population declines?

“This Blue Planet: Restoring Natural Abundance and Diversity to the Earth” with Alexandra Cousteau

In this conference, activist and filmmaker Alexandra Cousteau invites us to raise our awareness of the global problems of water, managing resources, and treating pollution. She explains how suitable planning of the location of cities, factories, and farms plays a fundamental role in preserving ecosystems and keeping the planet healthy for future generations.

“The exciting future of Artificial Intelligence” con Anton Musgrave

Anton Musgrave, co-founder of Futureworld International, will share with us the threshold of possibilities, that technologies, such as artificial intelligence bring to the educational, business and social fields, through strategies and processes that propose thinking from the future to the present.

Information about activities
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80 Aniversario
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