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Outliers - Ricardo Pineda

Hi, my name is Ricardo Pineda, and I am one of the young leaders in climate change named by the UN at the global level.

As a Honduran, I think that right now my greatest motivation is the idea of a more inclusive, equitable Latin America, and, above all, a Latin America that is in harmony with its environment and natural resources.

I travelled to Mexico and am now in the eighth semester of the B.S. in Sustainable Development Engineering at Tec de Monterrey. Something that these transitions have taught me is that a person is never too young to decide to change the world; all that is needed is conviction, persistence, and genuine passion.

I got involved two years ago as President of the Central American Student Association and then Director of the Council for Regional and Foreign Associations. I was in FETEC (TEC Student Federation) as one of the seven heads of the Federation, leading 31 student groups, while continuing to remain active in diverse associations. This, together with my extensive experience in social projects, gave me an edge over the other more than 7,000 applicants

Not only to be selected as one of the 100 young world leaders in climate change by the UN, but also to have been a five-time official UN delegate, formed part of the Climate Reality Project., and attended official UN events.

I love what I do, and, at 21 years of age, I believe this enthusiasm is contagious. Wanting to change the world isn’t just a dream; we can all fight for a better world.

I was able to develop two food blogs and managed to balance everything in my life, not because I haven’t faced obstacles on the way, but because of the continuous support of my family and my leadership mentors at Tec.Ultimately, it’s all about conviction, understanding that it’s never too soon or too late to get involved and fight for the world we deserve and long for. 

I am an outlier because my story begin at Tec and end up changing the world

"It’s never too late to fight for the world we deserve."

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