Frequently Asked Questions

Pacific Alliance

Who can participate in this internship?
National students from Pacific Alliance countries: Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. Any current undergraduate, technical or technology students can apply, depending on whether their profile matches the vacancy description published by each company.

How long does this internship last?
The company, according to its needs, can receive the intern for as long as it deems necessary, but will be responsible, together with the intern, for completing all the immigration and hiring procedures that this implies, according to each country’s regulations. Therefore, the recommended length of internships is less than 180 days (including the return trip), since this means that participants will not require a visa for unpaid work.

Are internships paid?
The internships are unpaid, but companies can offer a small stipend at their discretion, in compliance with the labor legislation in effect in the internship placement country and including everything such laws require. 

Which expenses are covered?
All expenses such as journeys to and from the internship, airfares, living expenses and accommodation are covered by the student.

What benefits do the companies offer?
Each company can independently specify any other benefits it will grant during the internship. The student and the company are responsible for being fully aware of this before the candidate accepts the offer.
Can I participate in an internship if I am not a student?
No, this program is for students only.

Will this internship be valid for my graduation or degree?
Candidates must check with their institution to see if this internship is valid for obtaining a university or technology degree. Candidates must ask their institution whether it will award any form of credit or official certification.

Will I receive any type of acknowledgement for this internship?
Yes, students will receive an “Internship in the Pacific Alliance” certificate awarded by the Pacific Alliance Business Council (PABC). This is NOT university credit.

What should I do if there is an issue with any of the parties involved?
Since the relationship is directly between the company-student-university/institute, they must resolve any issues themselves. The Business Council is not responsible for any issues among the parties.