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Call Global Shared Learning: Classroom

Fall semester: August-December 2022
Global Shared Learning: Classroom (GSL Classroom)

Global Shared Learning: Classroom (GSL Classroom)

The Vice Rectory for International Affairs invites the educational community to participate in the Global Shared Learning: Classroom (GSL Classroom) call for the fall semester August - December 2022, which will take place from March 7 to April 8, 2022.

GSL Classroom is an initiative of the Vice Rectory for International Affairs that aims to link a course at the Tecnológico de Monterrey with a course of a partner international university, through an international element, using technological tools to connect students, fostering collaboration, and facilitating learning in multicultural environments.

Participating professors will work together to design three main activities focused on interaction between students in digital environments, collaborative work in multicultural teams to fulfill a common goal, and reflection on the differences and similarities with their peers during the collaboration.

Download the call in a PDF version >

  • 1. Target Audience

  • 2. Informative Sessions

  • 3. Guidelines and Objective

  • 4. Requirements

  • 5. Registration

  • 6. Evaluation and Selection

  • 7. Benefits

  • 8. Important Dates

  • 9. FAQ

  • 10. Contact

Professors of undergraduate programs of any discipline can participate. It can be full or part-time professors who are teaching or designing a course, either from plans prior to 2019 or Tec21 formation units (subject and/or block), and who are interested in seeking an approach to an international environment by promoting interaction through a digital environment addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Two information sessions of the GSL Classroom call will be held:

    - March 9, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. (TCM). Register here >

    - March 23, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. (TCM). Register here >


Guidelines | Global Shared Learning: Classroom

In order for the international component to receive recognition from the Vice Rectory for International Affairs as a GSL Classroom, it must meet the following conditions:

- Have the authorization of the Vice Rectory for International Affairs through the mechanisms established by it.

- Include joint design of activities by the teachers of each participating institution.

- Incorporate the activities into a course at both institutions.

- Integrate the COIL Methodology (Collaborative Online International Learning).

- Integrate at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (UN) and its contribution to an SDG goal.

- Be composed of a duration of at least four (4) weeks with a minimum of 12 hours of total work, of which at least two (2) hours of synchronous work is recommended.

- Have an impact of at least 10% on the final grade of the Tec course of which it is part.

- Have the mandatory participation of Tecnológico de Monterrey students.

- Include work in multicultural teams.



The main objective of this call is to offer professors a different internationalization opportunity, to enhance their professional development through innovation and the use of technology.

Through the application of the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) methodology, professors, like their students, will be able to experience internationalization, collaborative work and the development of significant interactions with international teachers and students.

In order to perform adequately while participating in a GSL Classroom experience, teachers must meet the following requirements:

- Interest in including an online internationalization element in your course, motivating and encouraging the development of multicultural teamwork skills both for yourself (professional development) and for your students.

- Willingness to innovate.

- Command of the English language in case the interaction requires it (clear communication skills, both orally and in writing).

- Have the necessary skills to work and interact with other participants using technological tools, through computer equipment or a mobile device with Internet access.

- Pass the introductory module of Global Shared Learning: Classroom*. This module, with an approximate duration of two (2) hours, is self-directed and is available on Canvas, you must register in advance. The course will be available from March 7 to April 8, 2022.

Registration for the Introduction Module >

*Note: For teachers who have previously satisfactorily completed the training workshop and/or have collaborated in previous periods, the Global Shared Learning: Classroom Coordination will provide them with the module accreditation code via email.

During the introductory module, some of the activities that are part of the requirements of this call will be carried out, such as:

- Signing of commitment letter and active participation in all stages of planning, design, implementation, evaluation and integration of the evidence portfolio of the GSL Classroom.

-Request and send the authorization letter from the manager (Department Director or Leader) to implement GSL Classroom within a course.

Download the letter format >

- Prepare the initial proposal for collaboration addressing at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the learning objectives or activities of the GSL Classroom.

- Create a presentation video (duration: one to three minutes) complementary to the application where a brief description of the proposal is included. This video can facilitate the search for a potential partner, so it should be recorded in the preferred language for collaboration. This file will be attached to the application registration form.

IMPORTANT: Upon completion of this module, an accreditation code will be assigned. This code will be sent via email within a maximum period of 24 hours. Remember to save this information as it will be requested when filling out the application registration form.


Once the application is accepted, professors must comply with the following:

- Actively participate in the search process for an international partner university* together with the GSL Classroom team (profile review, contacts, networking).

*Note: The Vice Rectory for International Affairs does not guarantee the availability and/or allocation of international partners. However, the Global Shared Learning: Classroom Coordination will facilitate the process and, together with the interested teacher, the search for an international partner will be carried out.

- Accredit the subsequent training modules* provided by the Global Shared Learning Coordination: Classroom.

*Note: Continuity teachers must complete the pending training modules before being able to apply for this new call.

- Notify the Global Shared Learning: Classroom Coordination no later than July 8, 2022, if there are changes to the initially proposed course; Tec teachers that will additionally join the collaboration, and/or number of Tec groups that will participate, in the initially approved application.

- Request the academic leader to register the GLGC attribute of GSL Classroom corresponding to the course/subject/formation units (UDF) with a deadline of July 8, 2022.

- Integration and sending of evidence according to the dates and means stipulated by the Vice Rectory for International Affairs.

- Continuity teachers who wish to apply again must have satisfactorily complied with all the aforementioned requirements, otherwise, their application will not be taken into account within this call.

To participate in the call*, interested teachers are required to complete the following registration form.

Apply for course here >

Registration will be active from the date of publication of this call and until 8:00 p.m. (TCM) on Friday, April 8, 2022 for GSL Classroom collaborations to be implemented during the August - December 2022 semester.

*Note: Participation in this call is voluntary and has limited spots.

The Global Shared Learning: Classroom Team will analyze the requests to select those that will be developed and implemented in the period August - December 2022 according to the following criteria:

- Sending the course application through the official registration form.

- Compliance with the requirements established in this call.

- Commitment and availability of the professors participating.

- Impact on the number of benefited students (minimum 15 students).

- Class recurrence (frequency with which the course is taught).

- Include at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the learning objectives or activities of the GSL Classroom.

-Certainty that the course will be taught in the indicated period or have an alternate backup course with the authorization of the Department Director or Leader.


Additionally, the following will be taken into account:

- Availability of international academic partners.

- Availability of resources in the Vice Rectory for International Affairs for the necessary support to ensure the quality of the collaboration.

- 100 applications will be selected: 80% that address formation units (UDF) of Tec21 programs and 20% that address subjects from previous plans.

All participants will receive a written notification via email in which the status of their application will be announced. The notification will be made no later than April 27, 2022.

The applications that are selected will have the support of the Internationalization Vice Rectory for International Affairs to carry out the  linking process if necessary, and guidance to successfully integrate the GSL Classroom component into their courses.

Teachers whose collaboration reaches a successful conclusion and has met the requirements of GSL Classroom, will receive an internationalization certificate issued by the Vice Rectory for International Affairs and the Vice Rectory for  Faculty Development, which validates the work with the international partner and their experience in the Global Shared Learning: Classroom.

Similarly, students who meet the GSL Classroom participation criteria will receive a digital badge that recognizes multicultural teamwork in digital environments. For Tec students who receive this badge, the experience will be included in the internationalization certificate that is issued at the end of their studies.

To request more information about this initiative, please send an email to

For students:

- International experience.

- Strengthening global learning through cultural exchange.

- Development of skills such as intercultural communication, teamwork, use of technological tools.

- Significant learning.

- Digital badge.

For professors:

- International experience.

- Networking opportunity.

- Skills development.

- Promotes the achievement of learning objectives.

- Supports the development of skills.

- Differentiator of the courses.

- Supports advancement in teaching classification.

- Promote research opportunities and publications.

- Internationalization certicate.

- Possibility of applying to the GSL Classroom Fund.

1. Introduction to Global Shared Learning: Classroom Module March 7 to April 8, 2022. Register here >

2. Informative sessions of the GSL Classroom call:

    - March 9, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. (TCM). Register here >

    - March 23, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. (TCM). Register here >

3. Deadline for receiving course applications: April 8, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. (TCM). Apply for the course here >

4. Notification of selected applications: April 27, 2022.

5. Deadline for changes to the initially proposed course: July 8, 2022.

6. Deadline for registration of GLGC attributes (GSL Classroom): July 8, 2022.

7. GLGC Attributes Audit (GSL Classroom): July 11-15, 2022.

If I have doubts, can I receive more information before applying?
Yes, you can request more information by sending an email to tecglobalclassroom@itesm.mxThe GSL Classroom team will receive your request and answer your questions..
Will I receive a confirmation of receipt of my proposal?
Yes. The application form sends a confirmation message when the capture of information has been successful. In addition, you will receive a confirmation via email from that confirmation within a maximum period of 24 to 48 hours..
If I am a part-time professor, can I participate?
Yes, all undergraduate professors at Tecnológico de Monterrey can submit their application regardless of their type of contract..
Does GSL Classroom applies to any particular discipline?
No. GSL Classroom has the characteristic of being flexible and can be adapted to courses of any discipline.
If I already have an international partner, can I apply?
Yes. Having previous contact with an international professor with whom to collaborate facilitates the bonding process.
I am interested in including GSL Classroom in my courses, but I do not have any contacts in foreign universities, can you help me to find a partner?
Yes. Through our international counterparts, current networks and international organizations we can request information on professors with whom to collaborate.
I am not fluent in English, can the GSL Classroom be held in another language?
Yes. The important thing is to identify a common language in which the participants can communicate. They can be courses in Spanish, English, or some other language.
Is there any incentive for the professor who implements GSL Classroom in their courses?
Yes. An internationalization certificate is issued by the Vice Rectory for International Affairs and the Vice Rectory for Faculty Development. This certificate validates the experience in GSL Classroom.
Is it necessary that an agreement already exists with the partner university or should it be established  to carry out the collaboration?
The agreement is not a requirement for the presentation of the proposal. Everything related to agreements and contracts are issues that the Vice Rectory for International Affairs will attend to through its different departments.
Which are the benefits of including a GSL Classroom collaboration?
GSL Classroom adds an element of internationalization to the course and provides various benefits:
● Flexible and accessible alternative to offer an international experience to students and professors.
● At no additional cost to students.
● Exchange of ideas and opinions among students and among professors from different cultures.
● Supports the development of transversal skills such as:
○ Work in multicultural teams in virtual environments
○ Use of technologies
○ Cross-cultural communication
○ Critical thinking
○ Global Citizenship
● Digital badges for students.
● Certificate of internationalization for Tec and International professors.
● Self-directed training for teachers.
● Advice and support from the GSL Classroom team.
What are the commitments to include GSL Classroom within a course?
These commitments are expressed in the Requirements section, as well as in the commitment letter that each professor is required to sign as part of their application.
What happens when the commitments of participating in GSL Classroom collaboration are not fulfilled?
It is a fundamental requirement to fulfill each and every one of the commitments when participating in GSL Classroom. In case of not doing so, the professor will not be a creditor to the internationalization certificate issued by the Vice Rectory for International Affairs.
What happens if my application is not selected even though I already have an international partner?
In the event that the application is not selected, the professor is invited to apply in a new call in the next school period.
What happens if the course gets canceled?
In case of cancellation of the course or that for some reason unrelated to the professor it is not possible to teach it, an alternative course that will be taught can be taken into account. If you already have an international partner, it is important to notify them of the situation.
If I want to apply for two or more courses, how do I proceed?
If selected, only one of the applications will be chosen. For professors new to the program, it is recommended to start with only one course, we suggest applying for the one that represents the greatest impact on the number of benefited students.
What can I do to apply for my course if it does not meet the minimum number of students?
It is possible to carry out a collaboration integrating two or more groups, either from the same professor or together with another colleague from the Tec. The groups can be from the same course, a similar or complementary course.
Can the same collaboration be done with multiple institutions and/or international partners?
Yes. It is possible to collaborate with several institutions and/or professors. It is suggested that there be only two institutions for greater ease of coordination. The more institutions participate, the degree of complexity increases; however, it is possible to carry out the collaboration taking care of the balance of students from the different institutions for the formation of teams.
I teach a course, module or formation unit (UDF) with one or more colleagues, can I apply?
Yes. It is important that all the professors involved in the course, module or UDF are aware of and agree with the application. Only one application will be submitted. In the registration of the application, information will be requested from all of them. The requirements mentioned in this announcement apply to all the teachers involved (Global Shared Learning: Classroom introduction module, training, commitment letter, among others). Please review the requirements of this call).

Global Shared Learning: Classroom