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Call U21

  • 1. Benefits of the scholarship

  • 2. Participation requirements

  • 3. Evaluation Committee

  • 4. Proposal

  • 4. Timeline

  • 5. FAQ

  • 7. Proyectos finalistas

What are the benefits?

  • An award of $2000 USD for the winning projects in four prize categories: “Most Impactful”, “Most Innovative”, “Most Potential” and “Most Collaborative”. 
  • The winners will receive a support package (access to conferences, professional consulting) to help them develop their projects.
  • Certificate for finalists and letter of congratulations from the President of U21 to all the participants.
  • International exhibition on the U21 website.
  • Feedback from social innovation experts, including the University of Maryland Do Good Institute.
  • Form part of the global network of socially innovative students.

What are the requirements for participating in the Tec call – round 1

The first round of this call will be focused on the search for the three projects that will represent Tecnológico de Monterrey in the international competition. The requirements and criteria for first-round applications are:

  1. Undergraduate students from any program and academic curriculum from the 26 Tecnológico de Monterrey campuses can apply.
  2. Students must be enrolled with regular standing at a Tecnológico de Monterrey campus during the February-June 2021 semester.
  3. Students must not have been placed on academic or disciplinary probation.
  4. Projects submitted can be individual or from teams of up to 7 students.
  5. The project must directly address at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Examples of projects from previous years can be seen here.

Evaluation Committee: Applications will be evaluated by a Selection Committee made up of Social Innovation experts from Tecnológico de Monterrey. The Evaluation Committee selects three finalist projects according to the guidelines presented in this call. The finalists will be announced on February 22, 2021 by email and on this page.

The evaluation of the applications carried out by a Selection Committee made up of experts in Social Innovation from Tecnológico de Monterrey. The Evaluation Committee will designate the 3 finalist projects according to the guidelines sent in this call. The finalists will be announced on February 22, 2021 via email and on this page.

How can I propose my project?
A file with application materials needs to be prepared for each project.
The file must contain:

1. Each participant’s résumé (if applicable).

2. Executive summary, no more than 2 pages, of the project which includes:
    2.1 Project title
    2.2 Goal(s) it impacts
    2.3 Project background 
    2.4 Current stage of the project 
    2.5 Results obtained (if applicable)
    2.6 Future impact vision 
3. Video no more than 3 minutes long that explains and complements the executive summary. Upload your video pitch to YouTube in private mode (free-form video libre, no special file format is required).

4. Statement of purpose that describes:
    4.1 Why my project deserves to be selected as a finalist and winner of the RISE competition?

Once your application materials have been compiled in the aforementioned order, you should complete your electronic registration, attaching the materials in a PDF file no larger than 5MB. Registration link:

TEC Call for Applications  – First round

TEC call opening    
December 4, 2020

Application deadline 
February 12, 2021

Announcement of finalists

TEC Evaluation Committee   
February 15-19, 2021

Announcement of finalists 
February 22, 2021

RISE Call – Finalists

Preparation of final video for the RISE international competition   
February 23 to March 12, 2021

Submission of video to the Office of the Internationalization Vice Rector   
March 12, 2021

Nomination of final projects to U21 by the Office of the Internationalization Vice Rector      
March 15, 2021

Deadline for nominations by universities to U21    
March 19, 2021

U21 RISE Deliberation Committee   
April 2021

Announcement of winners 
April 2021

What is the first round of the call?
The first round is an internal competition at Tec to identify the three student projects that will participate as finalists at the international level. Applicants must compile a file with the aforementioned requirements and wait for the decision of the Tec de Monterrey Evaluation Committee.

I don’t meet the requirements. Can I still participate? 
No. If you don’t meet all the stipulated requirements in full and any documents are missing from the application materials, your application will automatically be rejected.  

My team is made up of another 7 members. Can we participate with more than 7 people?
Yes. If your team is made up of more than 7 members, you can select a maximum of 7 people as team representatives for the nomination.

My project is still an idea and has not yet been developed. Can I participate?  
No. The project has to be in the development stage, not just an idea. Positive actions must have been taken to transform the idea into a reality. However, this does not mean that it has to be a large or a small enterprise; consult the attached image for further details.


My project was selected as one of the three representatives of Tec in RISE. What’s the next step? What is the second or finalist round?
If you are a finalist, you can represent Tec de Monterrey in the RISE U21 international competition.
You and your team will have to make a second video of the project and this is the one that will be officially presented in the competition. Finalist projects will receive detailed information on this round later on.  

Can I submit my project directly on the U21 RISE competition website?
No. Nomination as a finalist is through Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Office of the Internationalization Vice Rector. Individual nominations directly to U21 are not permitted either before or after round 1.

Contact for questions and further information
The Office of the Internationalization Vice Rector will be able to answer your specific questions or provide any inform

La Vicerrectoría de Internacionalización te da las gracias por tu participación en la convocatoria para la competencia internacional RISE U21.

Después de un proceso de selección muy competido de entre más de 100 postulaciones, queremos anunciarte que el Comité de Selección, ha determinado a los 3 proyectos que representarán al Tec de Monterrey en la competencia internacional de Universitas21.

Los proyectos finalistas son:

  1. Hello World
  2. POP
  3. Proyecto 99

¡Muchas felicidades!

Los finalistas estarán recibiendo un correo de confirmación y los pasos a seguir.

Gracias a todos los estudiantes que participaron en esta convocatoria y enviaron su expediente.