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Zona Shero


.Zona SHERO emerges from INCmty women’s entrepreneurial community. This program is promoted by the Center for Human Dignity and the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Entrepreneurship Institute (IEEGL) to consolidate the advancement and development of women entrepreneurs and their enterprises in the global ecosystem. 

This program is also included in Tec de Monterrey’s nine HeforShe commitments.

Emprendimiento, Zona Shero, Antecedentes
Emprendimiento, Zona Shero, Acerca


Zona SHERO forms part of the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Entrepreneurship Institute. Its objective is to enable women entrepreneurs to reach, advance, and remain with their companies in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What are our priorities?

Empowerment: Autonomy to be an entrepreneur #WOMANPOWER.
Gender equality: Access, use and benefits of resources and equal opportunities in the #GENDEREQUALITY ecosystem.
Communities/Sisterhood: How women connect with other women in business #SISTERHOOD.
Sustainability: Economic dimension, social dimension and environmental dimension #ODS.
Zona SHERO 2019

Zona SHERO 2019

1. Zona SHERO

Zona SHERO emerges from INCmty women’s entrepreneurial community and is included in Tecnológico de Monterrey’s nine HeforShe commitments - UN Women.

2. FundHer4Change

Call for women entrepreneurs, 80 registrations: training workshops, Pitch round, and contact with angel investors propelled by ZONA SHERO, IEEGL, together with INIXAR, INCmty and CRDH.

3. Mentor network 

Creation of the network to enhance the path of female entrepreneurs, based on the experience and knowledge of women role models.

4. INCmty Zona SHERO

Agenda 24 conferences, 3 panels, silence disco, 2 meet up, SpeakHer Night and Demo Day FundHer4Change.

5. Workshops

“Gafas moradas” on the entrepreneurial ecosystem, for IEEGL directors, educators and businesspersons and 30 women entrepreneurs.

6. Start-up

Weekend Women In 54 hours, experiencing the ups and downs, fun, and pressure that comprise the life of a startup, with female and male mentors.

7. Academia Zona SHERO

Group of educators and researchers generating knowledge on women’s entrepreneurship from the perspective of gender.

Impact Accomplished 2019




Foreign Activites


Pitch Round


Women expositors





women assistant



men assistant


(more than 2000)



  • 1st. edition of Zona SHERO at INCmty.
  • 1 Round of pitches to close the FundHer4Change Program.
  • 2 International Panels: Female Entrepreneurship in the Quebec Ecosystem / The Franco-Mexican View of Female Entrepreneurship.
  • 2 Featured panels: Women in renewable energy / We all contribute in the digital age // Women in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership of the entrepreneurial community of women.
  • Strengthening of The community of entrepreneurs has new members from other national and foreign cities.
Emprendimiento, Zona Shero, Highlights

Strategic projects 2020

  • FundHer4Change – 2da. Generación

  • Speedy Connections

  • Angel4Her


Program for female entrepreneurs to know more about their business, crowdfunding and prepare their pitch in front of investors.


Five sessions with the aim of promoting the creation and strengthening of a network of connections and contacts among university students at Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Program that promotes the development of future female angel investors for the injection of capital into early-stage startups.