Road Map for Entrepreneurial Families

What is the Road Map for Entrepreneurial Families?

This educational program, designed by the Business Families Foundation and for which Tecnológico de Monterrey has exclusivity rights, seeks to provide family businesses with a method for managing the complicated family-business relationship that has been proven in several parts of the world and in diverse cultural contexts.

The Road Map for Entrepreneurial Families™ is a five-day, face-to-face workshop designed not only to provide an effective method for managing the family-business relationship, but also to drive and clarify the firm’s and the family’s objectives, as well as to devise a productive work plan to implement and attain these objectives. Facilitators and family business experts work with you and your family in this program to help you to learn, reflect and take action on the family and business dynamics existing in your family business.

This program targets all entrepreneurial families, regardless of whether they are at the development stage or which type of management or governance practices they have or have not instituted in their firm. It offers learning opportunities to owners, successors, spouses and other members of the entrepreneurial family.

A safe place…
This program has been designed to be sensitive to and respectful of each individual family issue. The facilitators create a healthy environment that drives communication among the members of the family.

*Information from BFF website