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Education partners committed to education

What is a challenge?

The Tec21 Model defines a challenge as a real-life problematic situation that is relevant and connected to the context, and designed to enable students to, on solving the same, develop their competencies. Students will tackle from one to five challenges per semester, meaning that during their degree program they will be exposed to more than 30 challenges with increasing degrees of complexity.

Education partners play a key role in the success of challenge-based learning, consolidating students’ preparation to face the future challenges of Mexico and the world.

Challenge-based learning

What is an education partner?

An Educational Partner is a public or private, national or foreign organization, of any size and in any sector, with which Tecnológico de Monterrey decides to link up to implement academic challenges for its different undergraduate programs, promoting the contact of its students, guided by their professors, with the real practice of their discipline.

What are the benefits of being an Education Partner?


Receive a fresh, external perspective of their organization, contributed by students who are willing to offer innovative solutions, with the advice of their professors.


Access student talent as a recruitment source.


Possibility of identifying trends in the context of the organization’s development by maintaining collaborative ties with one of the most prestigious universities in the world.


Connection with Tec de Monterrey’s academic community as an advisor, speaker, lecturer, and visiting professor.


Contribute to the transformation of the country through the preparation of entrepreneurial leaders with an innovative vision.

What is the opinion of current Education Partners?

What are the commitments of an Education Partner?
  • Share problems from their organization or real-life situations.
  • Collaborate with the professor-coordinator in adapting a challenge in the company so that it will help to develop students’ competencies.
  • Open the doors of the company or organization to work in collaboration with students and professors.
  • Provide personnel, time, and resources to facilitate the execution of the challenge, according to the agreed terms.
How can you participate as an Education Partner?

To become an Education Partner, you first need to formalize your participation through an agreement. Before doing so, it is important to identify three types of educational units in which you can collaborate:

Zoom a libreta y pluma

These are educational units in which students develop knowledge and competencies through challenges that last 5, 10, or 15 weeks.

TEC Weekexpand_more
Alumnos en KIA

This is a total-immersion learning experience in which students work for a week participating in challenging activities connected to their context.

TEC Semesterexpand_more
Alumnos con comunidad

This is a semester-long total-immersion learning experience. Students strengthen their competencies by solving highly demanding challenges, integrating everything they have learned across their curriculum. Available from August 2022.

Our programs: before and after


How did the Tec21 Educational Model transform the curriculum?





Curriculum made up of courses with different didactic strategies


Curriculum made up of educational units in which the contextual challenges will be a powerful trigger for the learning process

Acquisition of competencies as a consequence of the educational process


Purposeful development and timely follow-up of individual exit competency preparation

Many entries and one exit for each entry (53 degrees)


Few entries and many exits (6 entries, 44 degrees, and over 50 concentrations for specializing)

Sequenced and fixed courses


Independent, flexible courses and content modules

16-week semester structure and 2 weeks for the final evaluation


18-week semester divided into 3 periods, with integrative assessment that reflects the student’s level of competency mastery

One professor with several roles for each course


Shared teaching with other professors from other specializations and roles to guide a group of students in a challenge

1 optional intensive period in the summer


2 optional intensive periods, in the summer and winter


Six entries to choose from

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