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Tec Sounds


It is the new audio platform of Tecnológico de Monterrey.


  • Con su permiso

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  • Ola de Salud

  • The World’s Greatest Challenge

Con su permiso

A critical panel on the current and most pressing issues of the economy, society and politics of Mexico and the world. Our School of Social Sciences and Government experts delve into the different facets of a world full of contradictions and polarization, but in which there is also hope of a brighter future.

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Join Tec de Monterrey’s international journey of discovery and creation of the future of higher education. Host Pepe Escamilla and other experts from diverse disciplines will showcase innovative pedagogies, technologies and other educational developments at the service of enhanced learning outcomes.

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The audio version of Conecta, Tec de Monterrey’s news channel. We tell outstanding stories of students, professors, employees and alumni. Get to know the stories of a community that inspires, motivates and puts the name of Mexico in the spotlight.

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Ola de Salud

Tec de Monterrey’s doctors, scientists and wellness experts talk about the things that make us live in a healthy, balanced and happy way. Following the pillars of TecSalud's vision of well-being, prevention and longevity, we share advice on these issues, combining science and experience in an entertaining and accessible way.

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The World’s Greatest Challenge

The World’s Greatest Challenge brings key global players to its studio; bright minds who share their ideas about the future of our planet and society. Hear Nobel Prize Laureates, top entrepreneurs, dazzling scientists and the odd politician chat with our host about technology, science, human behavior, evolution….and their favorite food! Discover how these critical topics relate to Tec de Monterrey’s vision for 2030.

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