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Dorian Francis Mastin - Faculty

Dorian Francis Mastin

Regional Director Department of Arts

Campus Guadalajara, School of Architecture, Art and Design, Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Creative industries



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"In order to counteract the lack of subsidy to the creative industry and the prejudices over the artistic segment, my contribution is to create a unique network between students and companies." Dorian Francis Mastin's only purpose for the last 10 years has been to take part in the growth and strengthening of the creative industries in Mexico. In order to achieve it he has worked for several companies with whom he has made animated short films and published 15 console and mobile video games, in addition to educating the new generations of digital artists. 

In 2013 he became part of Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara as head of the Digital Art career, where he built up a video game company named Cosmogonia within the TEC Lean program and set it up in the Technological Park. This way, he got to share his experience and passion with his students in order to raise academic quality. 

After studying Fine Arts in France, Mastin dedicated his time to delve into the exploration of drawing, painting, esculpture, photography, silk-screen printing, litography, video and sound editing, which is why his professional efforts are directed towards the search of better relations with local, national and international institutions to create multidisciplinary projects. 

When you ask this creative director and producer about his highest professional satisfaction he does not hesitate to point out the privilege of contributing in the education of future leaders in the subject, who even outside of the classrooms keep in touch to share their accomplishments with him.

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Teaching Activities

  • Animation Project
  • Animation and Digital Art Project
  • Audio Lab
  • Computer Art and 3D
  • Introduction to Animation and Digital Art Academic Program
  • Introduction to Professional Development
  • Leadership Internship for Social Development
  • Modeling and Texturing for Video Games
  • Short Film Filming
  • Theory and Practice of Sound
  • Visual Effects for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
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Education and Training

Bachelor of Plastic Arts, Ministère de la Culture

Master in Digital Interactive Games and Media, ENJMIN