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Social Innovation Center

Centro para la Innovación Social, Campus Chiapas
Social Innovation Center

Through a multidisciplinary team, our purpose is to develop training and research strategies to address some of the main social needs of the country and the world, generating and validating innovative solutions.

The Social Innovation Center develops social impact projects that favor the communities and cooperatives with which we collaborate in organizational, economic, social, community and sustainability aspects, among others.

In this Center, you can develop, innovate, create and, mostly, combine efforts in willingness to contribute and generate empathy, learning and actions that allow you improve life quality of people in communities with whom we collaborate.

The Social Innovation Center has the purpose of linking national and foreign students and universities willing to work together on social innovation projects. It is concretized as a world-class center, with an interdisciplinary team that will contribute to the generation of an ecosystem of social innovation, for research, generation and validation of innovative solutions to this problem.

Laboratorio de Iniciativas Sociales (LINS)

Espacio de colaboración y generación de proyectos sociales

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