Privacy Notice for employees

Identity and address of the Responsible Party

The Responsible Party of the personal data that you provide is Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (hereinafter referred as “ITESM”) located at Av. Eugenio Garza Sada Sur No. 2501, colonia Tecnológico in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Zip code 64849.

Personal information processed by ITESM

To comply with the purpose indicated in this Notice, ITESM will process personal identification information, personal contact information, family information, employment information, physical traits information, academic information, information on habits and life interests, your own and your family´s migration information (in the event of foreign individuals or to work abroad), biometric information, property information and/or information related with your family members. Upon providing personal information related with your family members, you acknowledge to have their consent for ITESM to process their information to contact them and assign them as beneficiaries in the insurance management.

We also inform you that, where necessary, due to the nature of the job position and to comply with the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, the following personal confidential information which require special protection will be processed: health information.

You are aware that processing such information is needed to comply with the obligations resulting from the legal relationship between yourself and ITESM, therefore a consent is unnecessary.

Primary purposes

ITESM will process your personal information for the following primary and necessary purposes:

  • Creation of your employment file
  • Creation of an employee profile to manage his/her work time at ITESM
  • To offer you the economic proposal;
  • To carry out medical examinations (only for Executives);
  • Physical access management to ITESM premises;
  • Electronic access management to ITESM technological and infrastructure systems;
  • Payroll services management, including without limitation, salary movements, overtime pay and other benefits;
  • To register yourself and/or family members in life insurance, major medical insurance and any other insurance, which ITESM considers necessary, as well as registration in voluntary insurances requested by you according to the signed agreements by ITESM with different insurance companies;
  • To appoint beneficiaries in life insurance;
  • Programs on accidents prevention, nutrition, psychological support, medical exams;
  • Management and/or operation of its savings bank account, savings fund (including the appointment of beneficiaries) and food voucher cards;
  • Provide training;
  • Management of performance tools, as well as personal and professional development;
  • Creation and implementation of analytical and statistical processes;
  • Compliance of the employment contract provisions, signed by yourself with ITESM and all other applicable provisions under Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo), Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and National Workers Housing Fund Institute (INFONAVIT) as well as other appropriate provisions.
  • Payroll loans and other in-kind and cash benefits assessment, design, granting, management, collection and procurement, educational assistance, scholarships, as well as recreational, cultural and sport activities;
  • Carry out immigration proceedings and/or appropriate immigration permits renewal (in the event of foreign individuals); • For comprehensive wellness programs;
  • Upon termination of the employment relationship, carry out the necessary release procedures;
  • Provide your employment references as permitted by the applicable laws and;
  • In summary, to carry out all necessary activities for management and administration of your job position and other employment benefits. ITESM will also process the personal information of third parties provided by you, to contact them in the event of an emergency. We inform you that you cannot oppose yourself for ITESM to cease processing your information for the primary and necessary purposes mentioned above, whereas processing information is necessary to comply with obligations resulting from the employment relationship between you and ITESM.

Secondary purposes

Furthermore, if you don´t oppose yourself, ITESM will process your personal information for the following additional purposes, which are not necessary for the employment relationship between you and ITESM, but which allow and serve to provide better assistance:

  • to improve and promote the environment and working environment (as congratulations disseminations and other celebrations and special days).
  • •your personal image (whether picture, video, etc.) may be used for preparing informational and promotional material.

Use your information to send correspondence related to ITESM publications, such as magazines, releases and Tec Review magazine. In the event that you decide not to use your personal information for any or other additional purposes, you can communicate it to us to the following email address: To refuse the use of your personal information for additional purposes, may not be a reason why your employment relationship with us will be terminated.


Transfers. To comply with the necessary purposes described above or with other purposes legally required or by the relevant authorities, ITESM will transfer your necessary personal information to the following organizations and for the following purposes:

Third party receiving the personal data Purpose Consent
Sorteos TEC (Enseñanza e Investigación Superior, A.C.) To promote and offer their products and services Not necessary
Institutional Savings Bank For the management of the savings banks Not necessary
Labor and/or other relevant authorities To comply with the legal provisions Not necessary
Entities, which are related parties of ITESM a) To use the premises and other infrastructure, that where applicable, may have access to Not necessary
b) To contact you, in the event of any employment opportunity, which adjusts to your profile Necessary
Insurance companies To manage insurances and/or reimbursements Not necessary
Relocation companies for yourself and your family For accommodation arrangements in the country where you will work Not necessary
Aviation companies For transporting yourself and your family to the country where you will work Not necessary
Company, which provides food voucher cards To deliver the provision of food vouchers Not necessary
Banking institutions To carry out the corresponding payments Not necessary
Relevant authorities In the events legally stipulated Not necessary
Public entities of the Mexican federal government To carry out the necessary arrangements for certifications, which adjust to the personal and professional profile Not necessary
Companies and local and foreign educational institutions, which entered into collaboration and/or service provision agreements with ITESM To allow access to online educational platforms and teaching distance-learning courses Necessary
Certification services provider institution has a contract for provision of services In case of being a legal representative of the institution or a collaborator from the legal direction department, in order to register you as a user at the Digital Document Signing Platform with electronic signatures Not necessary


ARCO rights and/or withdrawal of consent

You or your legal representative may exercise any of the Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition rights (hereinafter referred as “ARCO rights”), as well as withdraw your consent for processing your personal information by sending an email to the Talent and Cultural Personal Information Protection Support Office to the following email address:

Your request shall be performed through the ARCO Rights Application, which shall be requested in the above mentioned email address. For the Talent and Cultural Personal Information Protection Support Office to follow-up on your request, you or your legal representative, shall properly prove their identity; therefore, it is necessary to complete the indicated field in the ARCO rights application, and attach a copy of any valid official identifications stated therein. To obtain more information on the procedures, requirements and time limits to exercise your ARCO rights and/or consent withdrawal, please send an email to Talent and Cultural Personal Information Protection Support Office, to the email address indicated in the previous paragraph.

Our Talent and Cultural Personal Information Protection Support Office remains at your service to provide you with any additional information that you request or, where appropriate, to solve any question that might arise concerning privacy and personal information protection, you will be able to reach us through the email address:

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information sending your application to ITESM by email: In the event your application is appropriate, it will be registered in ITESM´s exclusion list.

Use of cookies

We inform you that we use cookies and other technologies in our web page, through which it is possible to monitor your behavior as internet user, as well as offering you a better service and experience while navigating in our web page.

The personal information that can be obtained through the use of these technologies are the following: Identifiers, session user name and password, region in which it is located, type of browser, type of operating system, date and time when the session begins and ends, visited web pages, searches performed and checked advertisement, which are the same we use to offer a better service.

These technologies can be disabled following these steps: removing cache memory of your browser with the purpose of protecting your information login details. For more information on the use of these technologies, you may send an email to:

Changes to the Privacy Notice

ITESM will notify you regarding any change to its privacy notice through:

Last update January 2019