Privacy Notice for employees


Identity and address of the responsible entity

The responsible entity that is accountable for the personal information that you provide is Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (hereinafter “ITESM”), address Av. Eugenio Garza Sada Sur No. 2501, Colonia Tecnológico, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, C.P. 64849.


Treatment and use of personal data by ITESM

In order to comply with the purposes indicated herein, ITESM will treat and use personal identification data, personal contact data, family data, employment data, physical characteristics data, academic data, life habit and interest data, your and your family’s immigration data (in the case of foreigners or for working abroad), biometric data, property and/or financial data, and data related to your family members. When you provide personal data related to your family members, you are acknowledging that you have their consent for ITESM to treat and use their data to contact them and assign them as beneficiaries in insurance policies.

In addition, we should like to inform you that if necessary, given the nature of the position, and to comply with the purposes set forth in the Privacy Statement, the following sensitive personal data that requires special protection will be treated: health status. Treatment of such data is necessary to comply with the obligations derived from the legal relationship between you and ITESM, which is why your consent is not required in this case.


Primary purposes

ITESM will process your personal information for the following primary and necessary purposes:

  • To complete your employee file;
  • To create an employee profile for managing your employment period at ITESM;
  • To offer you a financial proposal;
  • To carry out medical check-ups (executives only);
  • To manage physical access to the ITESM facilities;
  • To manage electronic access to the ITESM systems and technological infrastructure;
  • To manage payroll services, including, but not limited to, salary transactions, payment of overtime and other benefits;
  • Registration in life and health insurance policies and any others deemed necessary by ITESM for you and/or your family members, and registration in voluntary insurance policies that you request in accordance with the agreements signed by ITESM with the different insurance companies;
  • To designate life insurance beneficiaries;
  • To perform accident prevention, nutrition and psychological assistance programs and medical tests;
  • To manage and/or operate your savings account, savings funds (including the designation of beneficiaries) and grocery vouchers;
  • To provide training;
  • To manage performance and personal and professional development tools;
  • To create and implement analytical and statistical processes;
  • To comply with the provisions of the work contract you signed with ITESM and all those that apply according to the Federal Labor Law, IMSS (Social Security Institute) and INFONAVIT (National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute), among others;
  • To evaluate, design and award, manage, collect and procure payroll credits and other benefits in cash and in kind, financial aid, scholarships, and recreational, cultural and sports activities;
  • To carry out immigration procedures and/or renew the corresponding immigration permits (for foreigners);
  • To provide comprehensive wellbeing programs;
  • To complete all the necessary disassociation procedures, upon termination of the labor relationship;
  • To give you job references in keeping with the applicable laws;
  • In short, to carry out all the necessary activities to manage and oversee your position and other job benefits.

In addition, ITESM will treat and use the personal data of third parties indicated by you, to contact them in an emergency.

We should also like to inform you that you cannot request ITESM to cease from the treatment of your data for the aforementioned primary and necessary purposes, since such treatment is necessary in order to fulfill the obligations derived from the employment relationship between you and ITESM.


Secondary purposes

Also, if you agree, ITESM will treat and use your personal information for the following additional purposes that are not necessary for the employment relationship between you and ITESM, but will assure and facilitate a better service:

  • To enhance and foster the best work environment and climate (such as sending out congratulations and disseminating other celebrations and special days).
  • To use, possibly, your personal image (photographs, video, etc.) to generate informative and promotional materials.

If you do not wish your personal information to be treated and used for any or all of the additional purposes, please contact us immediately by email at:

Refusal to permit the use of your personal information for additional purposes will not constitute a reason to terminate the relationship established with us.


In order to fulfill the aforementioned necessary purposes or any others required by law or by the competent authorities, ITESM will transfer the necessary personal data to the following organizations and for the following ends:

Third party receiving the personal data



Sorteos TEC (Enseñanza e Investigación Superior, A.C.)

To promote and offer its products and services

Not required

Institutional Savings Account

To manage the savings account

Not required

Labor authorities and/or other competent authorities

To comply with legal provisions

Not required

Entities that form part of the ITESM partnership group

  1. To use the facilities and other infrastructure to which you may have access.
  2.  To contact you in the event that a job which fits your profile becomes available.

Not required


Insurance companies

For insurance and/or refund arrangements

Not required

Accommodation firms for you and your family

To organize accommodation in the country where you will be working

Not required


To move you and your family to the country where you will be working

Not required

Company that provides Grocery Voucher Cards

To deliver the grocery voucher benefit

Not required

Banking institutions

To execute the corresponding payments

Not required

Competent authorities

When required by law

Not required

Mexican federal government agencies

To carry out the necessary procedures for certifications that meet your personal and professional profile.


ARCO rights and/or revocation of consent

You or your legal representative can exercise any of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (hereinafter “ARCO rights”), and revoke your consent for the treatment of your personal information by sending an email to the Talent and Culture Personal Data Protection Support Desk at:

Your petition must be made through the ARCO Rights Application Form, which can be requested from the aforementioned email address. For the Talent and Culture Personal Data Protection Support Desk to follow up on your application, you or your legal representative must prove your identity for all necessary purposes, complete all the sections indicated on the ARCO Rights Application Form and enclose a copy of one of the current official identifications specified therein. For further information on the procedures, requirements and time periods for the exercise of your ARCO Rights and/or revocation of consent, please contact the Talent and Culture Personal Data Protection Support Desk by email (see previous paragraph).

Our Talent and Culture Personal Data Protection Support Desk Department is at your service to provide any additional information you require or, where appropriate, to solve any questions you might have regarding personal information privacy and protection. You can contact us at the following email


Limitation and/or disclosure of your information

You can limit the use or disclosure of your personal data by sending your request to ITESM to the email If your request is accepted, you will be added to ITESM’s exclusion list.


Use of Cookies

We use cookies and other technologies on our website, which allow us to monitor your behavior as an Internet user and to provide you with a better service and experience on browsing our site.

The personal data that can be obtained through the use of these technologies are: Identifiers, session username and password, region where you are located, type of browser, type of operating system, date and time of starting and finishing a session, webpages visited, searches completed, and advertising viewed, which we use to provide a better service.

These technologies can be disabled through the following procedures: delete your browser’s cache in order to save your session-start data. For further information on the use of these technologies, please send an email to


Changes to the Privacy Policy

ITESM will inform you of any changes to our Privacy Policy through

Last update: February 2018