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Choose to take the initial exploration stage in Law, Economics and International Relations digitally, with the possibility of having the same experience and advantages of doing so in person.

formato mixto

Formato mixto.
Digital entry, in-person experiences.

calidad academica

Academic quality
We have Mexico’s most outstanding professors, experts in the social sciences.

Aprendizaje basado en retos

Challenge-based learning
Our unique Tec21 model generates graduates with high-quality profiles, capable of critical thinking and facing current and future challenges.

vivencia estudiantil

Student experiences, multi-regional learning
Interaction with students and professors from all over the country. Development of skills in the social sciences at regional, national and global levels.

acceso tecnologico total

Total technological access
Learning using state-of-the-art technological tools (global classrooms, visiting professors, etc.).

icono life

Enjoy your student experience and participate in LiFE activities on your host campus (sports, artistic and cultural activities, student groups, etc.).

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