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Dinámica de Modelo Educativo Tec21

Model Tec21

Tec21 allows you develop solid and integral competencies which will help you solve present and future challenges in a strategically and creatively way.

Welcome to a new way to learn

¿Qué es el Modelo Tec21?

Model Tec21, What is it?

Our new educational model, exclusive worldwide, activates and boosts your innovation capacity and allows you not only to stay current but also to be an agent of change in unprecedented times in which education is experimenting a complete transformation.

Why is it unique?

Our learning process based in challenges has its foundations in 4 main components:

Modelo Tec21 Aprendizaje basado en retos
Challenge Based Learning
Modelo Tec21 Personalización y Flexibilidad
Flexibility and Customization
Modelo Tec21 Profesores Inspiradores
Inspiring Professors
Modelo Tec21 Vivencia Memorable
Memorable Experience

Challenge Based Learning

Students´ learning process throughout their bachelor´s degree is centered in the student´s involvement with their Professor and environment, in which they develop transversals and disciplinary competences, through real problematic bonded challenges resolution and by proving their knowledge and dominance through different learning evidences. In this Model, challenges are the central learning unit.

Modelo Tec21 Aprendizaje basado en retos, Infográfico
Flexibility and Customization

Flexibility and Customization

Before, your choice was a career, now you choose a path:

1. You will acquire the area fundamentals, know related careers and confirm which career to choose.

2. You will develop the core competencies of your career through more focused challenges, while expanding your university experience.

3. You will continue to strengthen skills and give your career a personal touch based on your interests, passions and plans, through the wide range of concentrations, stays and certificates available.

Inspiring Professors

Our Faculty leads one of the deepest transformations in Tec´s history and a paradigm that has woken up international and national academical interest.

What teaching practices make our Faculty highlight? They create active learning environments and boosters out of challenges for the transversal and disciplinary competences required as a student, guiding you to transfer that knowledge to real contexts. Besides, they are in constant update with their labor market(s) and bonded to their multidisciplinaries practices and work.


Watched around the world

Our educational model has woken up international and national academical interest. Government instances and organizations that have had participation in its gradual implementation, since 2014, become more satisfied with the pass of the years.

Rafael Reif, 2018, MIT´s Dean
Rafael Reif

"Today, is clearer than ever. Tecnológico de Monterrey´s community and MIT share the same goals and aspirations".

- Rafael Reif, 2018, MIT´s Dean.

David Kelley, 2012, IDEO´s C.E.O., Toothpaste tube and Mouse inventor
David Kelley

“What you are trying to do to take learning process to the twentieth one century is great".

- David Kelley, 2012, IDEO´s C.E.O., Toothpaste tube and Mouse inventor. Video message about Tec21 aimed to Tec´s community.

Michelle R Weise, 2017, Strada Education Network.
- Michelle R Weise

"Tecnológico de Monterrey´s progress is amazing, with a scope to the future in which each student will learn through real world connected challenges".

- Michelle R Weise, 2017, Strada Education Network.

Kerry Healey, 2017, Babson College President, Leading University in Entrepreneurship
Kerry Healey

"Tecnológico de Monterrey is a visionary institution. They assure students have the abilites needed in the next 100 years for the new and upcoming jobs..."

- Kerry Healey, 2017, Babson College President, Leading University in Entrepreneurship.

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