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Admission Process

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Your guide, your tutor

Your  journey through Tec High School involves teachers and tutors, as well as parents. They will all play a role in your growth and development.

 Your guide, your tutor
Inspiring faculty

Our faculty are qualified to guide generations of young people in constant transformation. Our Faculty Development Program pursues continuous growth to consolidate your knowledge, skills and aptitudes.

Profesores Inspiradores
Strategic partners

Enhance your educational experience by forging strategic alliances with world leaders such as:

Socios Estratégicos
Strategic Partners
Tec high school experience

Be the protagonist in your high school experience and enjoy it to the full by participating in an extensive offering of student sports, cultural and leadership activities, in national and international contexts, that will help you develop competencies and experiences for your life and your future.

Vivencia PrepaTec

Cultivate the value of accountability and capability, preparing leaders with a technological and global education.

Our graduates

More than 90% of our graduates achieve satisfactory or outstanding results on national tests, such as DOMINA and PLANEA.

Nuestros Egresados

TEC21 High School Education

Your skills and personal growth are fundamental keys to create your life project. In PrepaTec you will develop abilities and competencies needed to face oportunities and challenges of the future. Besides, to accomplish the changes thw world needs.


Get ready for responsiveness to the world’s challenges.


Work collaboratively and engage in challenging, interactive experiences.


Build your own portfolio of educational competencies through a Comprehensive Tutoring System.


Discover your vocation and choose your field of university studies.


Develop an entrepreneurial spirit with a humanistic outlook to support your community.


Collaborate with students from all over the world.


Learn from inspiring national and international faculty.


Develop complementary values and skills through sports, cultural and leadership activities.

Educational competencies for life

The competencies fostered by Tecnológico de Monterrey go beyond the classroom.


Recognize and regulate your emotions.



Critical thinking

Question, propose, commit and act.

Pensamiento Crítico


Creativity and innovation

Detect opportunities and design solutions.

Creatividad e Innovación



Interpret, deduce, listen and express yourself with empathy. 




Interact with and learn
from others. 



Personal and social responsibility

Safeguard your personal prestige and give the best of yourself to the community.

Responsabilidad Pública y Social


HyFlex + Tec Model

logo hyflex

Current pandemic sped up what technology was increasingly allowing: combining face-to-face with remote activities. As an institution, we have been working for weeks on developing new elements that help you maximize your learning and training experience under these unusual circumstances.

For this following semester (August -December 2020), the challenge is that, prioritizing the health and safety of all, we will ensure the quality and continuity of your learning through HyFlex+ Tec, a hybrid and flexible educational experience that will enable us to adapt to variable scenarios at different times of the semester, according to the traffic/caution lights of each city, each campus and even the particular needs of students and teachers.

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