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Transference of Techonology Offices Network


Tecnológico de Monterrey produces knowledge through research, protects its intellectual property, and promotes the development of technology that is then marketed for the benefit of society. The Technology Transfer Office Network (TTO Network) is the university division in charge of protecting and overseeing inventions resulting from the intellectual work of professors, employees, service providers, and/or alumni associated with the university. The TTO Network encourages the transfer and marketing of technology developed through advances made by connecting inventors with businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors interested in carrying out technologically innovative projects.

The TTO Network’s mission is “to further and advance the transfer of technology developed at Tecnológico de Monterrey to industry through licensing, sales, or the creation of technology-based companies.”

The TTO Network has the following goals:


  • To develop a culture of technology transfer and marketing.
  • To have a social and economic impact on the Tec21 Educational Model through said transfer.
  • To achieve a sustainable transfer of knowledge.


The TTO Network consists of 12 offices, 10 of which are certified by the National Council on Science and Technology and the Ministry of the Economy. Its headquarters are located on the Monterrey campus, and it has 11 local offices in Aguascalientes,* Chihuahua, Mexico City, Mexico State, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Queretaro,* Saltillo, San Luis Potosi, Sinaloa, and Sonora Norte. *TTOs undergoing certification.

TTO Network governance is centralized, meaning that for developments made at Tecnológico de Monterrey, the network establishes its own processes for protecting intellectual property, implementing safeguards, estimating costs, and marketing. It is also responsible for licensing the university’s portfolio of developments in industrial property and new software.

With respect to technology-based entrepreneurship, the TTO Network establishes guidelines for researchers creating spin-offs subject to the proper approvals and procedures. The TTO Network carries out the following to make this possible:

  • It defines the features and procedures applicable to the creation of technology-based companies.
  • It establishes innovation portfolio marketing procedures for the purpose of creating technology-based companies.
  • It maintains a technology-based business ecosystem by attracting funding for entrepreneurs and making Tecnológico de Monterrey’s innovation portfolio available to board members, investors, and businesspeople.

Intellectual Property Policy

The Tecnológico de Monterrey Intellectual Property Policy sets forth management guidelines, rules, and compensation for intellectual property developments made at the university with the collaboration of Tecnológico de Monterrey professors, researchers, employees, service providers, and/or students.

According to the Intellectual Property Policy, Tecnológico de Monterrey offers its community the following benefits and services:

  • Guidelines, operations, and governance applicable to intellectual property created at the university with the participation of Tecnológico de Monterrey professors, researchers, employees, service providers, and/or students.
  • Establishment of the existence and responsibilities of an intellectual property committee as the decision-making body responsible for interpreting, reviewing, and amending the Intellectual Property Policy.
  • Operation of the Technology Transfer Office Network (TTO Network).
  • Through the TTO Network, consultation, protection, valuation, and commercialization.
  • Provision of clarity regarding the ownership of intellectual property.
  • Payments for protecting and maintaining intellectual property, legal services, and domestic and foreign consulting.
  • Maintenance of close ties to directors, investors, and employees in general so that innovation portfolios for creating technology-based companies can be submitted.
  • Definition of characteristics and procedures applicable to the creation of technology-based companies.
  • Establishment of mechanisms concerning conduct and ethical compliance applicable to intellectual property protection, licensing, and/or commercialization procedures.

Transference of Technology and Commercialization

The OTT Network defines strategies for protecting technologies and promotes processes for their commercialization through licensing agreements as well as training, and business incubation aimed at generating and transferring value. The OTT Network develops commercialization strategies that allow for inventions, distinctive signs and/or copyright protected creations to be transferred to the productive sector.

The strategic focus areas for research are:


  • Biotechnology and foods
  • Mechatronics
  • Information, communication and electronic technologies
  • Sustainable development


  • Public policy
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Education

Commercialization Process

Inventions developed at Tecnológico de Monterrey are submitted to a technical and commercial evaluation process aimed at assessing their potential and defining an intellectual property strategy. The process of protecting and commercializing the raw material of technologies is carried out in the following manner:

Diagrama del proceso de Comercialización


Steps in the process:

1. Notification of the invention: The inventor notifies the OTT Network of their invention online through the inventor portal at “Inventor´s Portal”.

2. Assignment of a specialist: The technology is assigned to an OTT specialist who conducts interviews with the inventors, experts and possible clients.

3. IETC: The specialist carries out a technical and commercial evaluation. If the evaluation results are positive, the project moves on to the next stage. If not, the inventor is given suggestions on ways to refocus their market or develop additional technology.

4. Commercialization strategy and bundling: The commercialization strategy is defined and the technology is bundled.

5. Commercialization: The previously-defined commercialization strategies are executed in pursuit of the objective.

6. Technology transfer: The technology is transferred through licensing, sale or the creation of a spin-off.

Transference of technology

The OTT network carries out the following steps to achieve an effective transfer of technology:

  • Technological assessment of the inventions, innovations and developments of industrial property, as well as the definition of their value for licensing.
  • Integration and classification of the technology portfolio according to the Tecnológico de Monterrey’s strategic areas and industrial sectors.
  • Promotion of the patent portfolio on databases and at technology fairs for its licensing, commercialization, transfer, and negotiation with third parties.