Neil Patel was at INCmty, Tec de Monterrey’s entrepreneurship festival.
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Do you want to build or improve people’s knowledge and perception of your personal brand on the Internet and social media?

Neil Patel, renowned entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist, shares some recommendations.

Patel shared these tips on how to improve your personal brand on social media during a private talk at Tec de Monterrey’s INCMty entrepreneurship festival.


Neil Patel en INCmty, el festival de emprendimiento del Tec de Monterrey.


1. Post 3 times a day on social media

Patel says consistency and visibility is important, so he recommends publishing content at least 3 times a day to your digital social networks.


“Post at least 3 times on your social networks.”


2. Create a blog: post once a week, but publicize it well

Blogs have become an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a practice which improves your ranking in Google results, which is an area Patel specializes in.

Patel recommends having a blog and explains that while you don’t have to publish a lot, it is far more important to publicize posts well.


“Write a blog post every week. And make sure you publicize it well.”


3. Closeness: do something live each week

Neil Patel also suggests a weekly live stream in order to keep your personal brand alive.


“Do a social media live stream each week on all the big digital platforms.”


4. Your priority: providing help

If you have one priority, it should definitely be to provide value and assistance to the people who follow you or start interacting with you and your content. How much you help will affect how important you become to them.


“Don’t just empathize. Help people.”


5. Be clear and logical for your audience and for Google

Patel recommends trying to be as clear and logical as possible in your articles and content by including subtitles and making it easy to find and understand the information.


“Include clear lessons and conclusions in your articles.”


6. Check out your old content and give it some love

Don’t worry just about new content and the quantity of it. Give some love to what you’re posting and what you’ve posted previously.

“Check out what’s ranking in Google’s Top 10. That’ll give you ideas about what to add to your content,” he suggests.


“Update your old content and images. It sounds simple, but those little things make a difference.”


7. Respond to comments and detect needs

Don’t just post on social media: also read and reply to comments, says Neil Patel.

“Be grateful for what you have,” he says, referring to each follower or reader.

Do that even with people who criticize you; go beyond emotions and attacks and take advantage of better understanding needs.


“Try to understand and help instead of arguing.”



8. Disconnect; make time for you and your family

Despite being a dedicated digital marketer, Neil Patel reveals that he tries to be online for a maximum of one hour per day.


“You don’t need any more. You need time for your family.”


9. Be patient and consistent

Patel explains that not everything happens immediately: solid positioning requires patience and consistency.

You might become discouraged, or friends and family may not give you the support you expect. Keep your feet on the ground, learn from your mistakes and be around people who encourage and challenge you.


“You’ll see the fruits of your labor in a few years.”



About Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a renowned international digital marketing and traffic consultant.

During his career, he has been recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by former US President Barack Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.


About INCmty

INCmty is Tec de Monterrey’s entrepreneurship festival.

The event took place virtually from November 8 to 10. This year, it had more than 170 activities and 200 speakers.

“Many people come together here who want to create, change and transform things,” concluded Josué Delgado, director of INCmty.







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