About 30,000 people from more than 180 countries applied to the event, and almost 800 of them were accepted; only 12 people won first place.
By Marlen González | Monterrey Campus - 04/30/2021

At precisely 2:00 a.m., Benancio Aguirre was ready to debate on the international arms trafficking protocol from a Mexican political perspective at Asia World Model United Nations (AWMUN).

After his analysis, which took place on Singapore time, i.e. 13 hours ahead of Mexico, the PrepaTec Cumbres student was given the “Best of the delegates” award. 

“In the committee I was on, we talked about a security issue, a topic that I love. I had the chance to choose which committee to select and also the country I represented, so I chose Mexico. 

“I represented Mexico on the issue of arms trafficking protocols at the international level in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) committee,he shared.


Sesión del Asia World United Nations.
Participants represent their assigned countries as official delegates at AWMUN to understand how United Nations conferences work.


About 30,000 people from more than 180 countries applied, and almost 800 of them were accepted at the international event; only 12 people won first place within their committees. 

“The 12 first-place winners debated among themselves to choose the overall winner. I got a question about whether we were experiencing a second Cold War between the United States and China. After my analysis, I was named overall winner of the whole event

“I got to debate with people studying International Law or International Relations from India, Indonesia, Germany, Africa... from many different parts of the world,” he said.

Benancio, who is in the 4th semester of the International Baccalaureate at PrepaTec, learned about different international political and cultural perspectives during the competition.

The student from Monterrey, Nuevo León, received a digital certificate and will soon receive the physical award, sent from Indonesia. 


A wonderful experience 

Aguirre also participated, and won second place, in DEBATEC, a contest organized by the Tec from March 19 to 20, which focused on the new oral trial system being used across Mexico

What’s more, the student chaired a committee at “The English School Model United Nations” event, in Bogotá, Colombia, from March 15 to 18. 


El alumno Benancio Aguirre.
17-year-old Benancio Aguirre won the highest award at the Asia World Model United Nations event.


“It’s the most prestigious United Nations event in all of Latin America. They asked me to chair an introductory committee, which is made up of people who are just beginning. I was able to teach them, give them feedback, tips, and see the positive change that took place,” he said. 

 Between March 3 and 5, Benancio and his team also participated in, and won, the 2021 Valentina Rosendo and Inés Fernández International Human Rights Law Contest for high school students. 

Aguirre met Sarah Nabil Wahbah, a Saudi woman, during a Model United Nations event in 2020. In January this year, he invited her to speak to his Literature II class. 

The former consultant of a Saudi Arabian government department was able to share her opinion on the role of women in Islamic culture, from a literary perspective, during the class.

Óscar Flores, director of PrepaTec Cumbres, explained that Benancio’s participation in this type of event reinforced that [the Tec] has the best students in Mexico. 

“Students like Benancio Aguirre are at the heart of our institution; they’re involved in a large number of events and their complete and well-rounded profile allows them to shine in national and international forums, such as their participation in the model UN and debate activities,” said Flores.


With information from Angel Solis




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