At a press conference, Mexico City Region vice president Rashid Abella presented the new buildings of the so-called campus of the future to the media.
By Rebeca Ruiz | Mexico City Campus - 07/14/2021 Photo David León

The Tec de Monterrey's Mexico City campus introduced its new buildings that are part of the so-called 'campus of the future' to the media.

During a ceremony held in the library, the dean and Tec executive president David Garza made an announcement concerning the construction of these new spaces on the Mexico City campus.

"The Mexico City campus is a sustainable and cutting-edge space that promotes innovation and is a core part of our Strategic Plan for 2025. 

"Our goal to initiate the development of a knowledge-driven economy in Mexico. To achieve this, we will focus on the three "i"s: Investigation, Innovation, and Internationalization," said David Garza.


Rashid Abella, vicepresidente del Tec en la Región CDMX
Rashid Abella, Mexico City Region vice president


Furthermore, Mexico City Region vice president Rashid Abella spoke of the resilience and solidarity that sets the Mexico City campus community apart.

"The Tec community is united, supportive, and resilient.The difficulties we have been experiencing have taught us historical lessons that will no doubt become a source of inspiration for us to become better every day

"Today, we want the members of our community to regard the new Mexico City campus as a second home, a place not to simply put learning into practice but, in an increasingly dynamic and changing world, a place to come up with solutions to address problems that have yet to arise," he explained.


Los representantes de medios de comunicación realizaron el recorrido por los nuevos edificios
The media representatives took a tour of the new buildings 


He added that this campus is designed for the full implementation of the Tec21 Educational Model.

"The new MCC is the first Tec de Monterrey building designed and built to enhance the experience of our Tec21 Educational Model, research, and experience-based activities," he said.


El arquitecto Arturo Pérez, líder de construcción
Architect and construction boss Arturo Pérez 


Also, professor Iliana Rodríguez Santibalñez explained how the teaching staff had become involved in the construction of the new campus. 

"We wanted the best for our students on a campus that would allow us to sustain the teaching-learning process: a temporary campus that is now being replaced by the new campus.

"At the beginning, many academics joined focus groups to ascertain our needs: spacious, well-lit, quiet areas and a library that caters for both physical and digital requirements. All these spaces were built on a new campus with future students very much in mind," she said.


Sustainable campus 

The new campus includes energy-saving systems with facades that make use of natural ventilation and windows that block ultraviolet light but provide total transparency.

The facilities possess state-of-the-art water-saving devices and hydraulic systems.

"The new buildings' architectural design is timeless and sustainable and they will be equipped with technology that will contribute to students' education.


Adriana Morelos dio un mensaje en nombre de los estudiantes
Adriana Morelos talked on behalf of the students 


"Its design will allow for water conservation through the use of various rainwater catchment systems. It will take advantage of natural ventilation thereby reducing the need for air conditioners, and will help improve the urban landscape, where you will be able to interact intensely with indoor spaces but still get a good view of the architectural features from outside," said architect and construction boss Arturo Pérez.

On the other hand, Adriana Morelos, a Tec student in Mexico City, shared what returning to campus means for the student community.

"Returning to campus as a community is a new beginning. It's not about forgetting the past but showing we are a strong, resilient community eager to continue building a better future," she said.

At the end of the presentation, the members of the media were given a guided tour of the library and Building I facilities.





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