At the international competition “Borregos Esports Invitational”, Tec Guadalajara defeated all its opponents, including Asian universities
By Karla Pérez | Guadalajara Campus - 12/10/2020

Borregos GDL, the eSports team representing Tec Guadalajara, won against its namesake from Monterrey at the “Borregos Esports Invitational” final.

So, the Guadalajara campus remains in the lead this year after having won the Borregos Esports Cup Telcel and the Smash campus: Tec Students Online Tournament.

The international game was organized by the Tec, as part of the activities for Americas, Asia and Australasia, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU).

The tournament reflects APRU’s needs to incorporate the eSports ecosystem into its academic research network.

This virtual game took place during the APRU’s MetaGame Conference, based in Hong Kong, which encompasses the entire eSports ecosystem (gamers, industry partners, government, and students).

Its aim is to expand the purview of this sport that has become more important in recent years with a global reach.


José Manuel Cruz Páramo es capitán de Borregos GDL y actual campeón individual de Clash Royale en la Borregos Esports Cup Telcel 2020
José Manuel Cruz Páramo is Borregos GDL captain and current Clash Royale individual champion in the Borregos Esports Cup Telcel 2020.

Thanks to this connection, Borregos GDL faced 8 teams from universities such as:

  • Nanyang Technological University, from Singapore,
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, from China,
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey, from Mexico and,
  • University of California – Davis, from the United States.

“We’ve already participated in university leagues in Latin America; it’s a big step to compete internationally with Asia and Oceania, which gives the Tec more prominence.

“Besides being a benchmark in Latin America as one of the best institutions, in terms of eSports, it’s starting to move up in the rankings,” shared Eder Lagos, the team coach.

The competition was held on the Clash Royale platform, a strategy video game where you have 3 towers and a deck of between 8 to 10 cards.

Throughout the game, the cards must be used to destroy the rival team’s towers as quickly as possible before time speeds up.


Eder Manuel Lagos Pérez es profesor de cátedra y gestor de deportes electrónicos del campus Guadalajara, además de ser jugador profesional de esports.
Eder Manuel Lagos Pérez is a professor and electronic sports manager at the Guadalajara campus, as well as being a professional eSports player.


Borregos GDL is made up of:

  • José Manuel Cruz Páramo, Business Transformation and Strategy student, and team captain;
  • David Isaí Santiago Castellanos, Industrial and Systems Engineering student;
  • Óscar Armando Sánchez Arellano, Biotechnology Engineering student;
  • Daniel Lepe Vega, Computer Systems Engineering student;
  • Julio David Morales Valtierra, PrepaTec Guadalajara student; and,
  • Eder Manuel Lagos Pérez, professor and team coach.

Despite the fact that the team didn’t physically meet, their communication and strategy were very successful, and they achieved a final score of 3 to 1.

Lagos had this to say: “I trust the boys. I know their abilities. We faced the competition in the best way possible and we managed to win.

“The truth is that the locals were more complicated for us. We were up against the Tec’s Monterrey campus in the same final against, in a derby between Tec teams.


“We’ve already participated in university leagues in Latin America; it’s a big step to compete on an international level with Asia and Oceania, which gives the Tec more prominence.”


Tec Guadalajara ganó el Borregos Esports Invitational.
Screenshot of the competition during the final between Monterrey campus and Guadalajara campus.


eSports Momentum

“We’re looking for a way for it to grow more and more, so we invite everyone who wants to join in to break the taboo that video games are bad.

What we want them to understand is that this is a profession that can even teach the kids a lot,” said the Guadalajara campus coach.

eSports go beyond video games, as gamers need to use their skills to be both competitive and egalitarian for success.

Playing eSports develops gaming skills such as decision making, imagination, and hand-eye coordination.


Tec Guadalajara ganó el torneo Borregos Esports Invitational.
The Borregos Arena is a fully equipped space with state-of-the-art technology so that Guadalajara campus students can practice and hold eSports competitions.


“Both in conventional video games and in eSports, healthy competition, respect for your rivals, teamwork, and discipline are encouraged,” shared Lagos.

Tec Guadalajara has plans for future games, including the CONDDE Mexico championship playoffs, and the organization of more tournaments for 2021.

“People should keep an eye on the Tec to see what we’re up to. Plus, on a national level, we expect big things for electronic sports,” Eder concluded.






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