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HyFlex + Regreso consciente
Hyflex Tec

HyFlex + Tec

The pandemic accelerated the process that had already been made increasingly possible by technology: combining face-to-face and remote activities.

Our challenge is to ensure the quality and continuity of your learning process, by prioritizing the health and safety of all our community.

HyFlex+ Tec is a hybrid, flexible experience that enables us to adapt to variable scenarios at different times during the semester, according to the traffic light system of each city, each campus, and even the particular needs of students and faculty.

H, Híbrido, Hyflex. Tec de Monterrey : Hybrid, because it combines remote and face-to-face classes
F, Flexible, Hyflex, Tec de Monterrey : Flexible, to move rapidly from one format to another
Plus, Hyflex, Tec de Monterrey : Add to your LiFE Experience, Benefits of TEC Value, community outreach, Boost your Skills program, and all the resources available in Protect your Mental Health.

And yes…. It’s very Tec.

Cursos intensivos de Verano 2021 / Agosto-Diciembre 2021

Conoce aquí nuestras modalidades de cursos: Innovación Educativa

Are you ready to "experience hybridity"?

In the educational context, hybridity refers to a combination of formats for teaching courses and enables you to:

  1. Combine remote and face-to-face* courses within your semester academic load.
  2. Experience some sessions remotely and others face-to-face* in a single course, according to your professor’s indications.
  3. Combine diverse degrees of face-to-face* learning at different times during the semester, if so required by the situation in the city or at the campus where you are located.
  4. Have access to LiFE@home activities and, gradually, the face-to-face* LiFE activities available on campus.

To answer your questions and doubts, we prepared a FAQ with different sections that will be constantly updated.

*When determined by the education and health authorities of the federal, state and municipal governments.

Academic Continuity 2.0expand_more
Academic Continuity 2.0

Academic Continuity 2.0

Over 30 years of experience offering digital and distance education enable us to accompany our students and faculty in continuing with the current academic plans, offering the necessary tools and technology to drive their development. Today, Hyflex + Tec includes for you:

  • Virtual laboratories
  • Online Digital Library with a collection of more than 133 databases and 2.5 million electronic documents, such as books, articles, videos, and learning and research materials. In addition, librarians are available to provide the online support and advice you require.
  • Ongoing faculty training to develop and maximize distance teaching competencies and assure the same quality in each and every virtual class.
  • Website to accompany and advise our students in solving all their doubts about the services and resources in place for their learning and distance experience.

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Life @ Home expand_more
Life @ Home

At Tec, we want to ensure that you will continue to develop your competencies and complement your integral education, even while away from the campus. Therefore, we have developed an offering with diverse virtual activities:

  • Over 1,200 daily online activities and classes to foment your integral wellbeing.
  • Initiatives to encourage your integral wellbeing with Wellbeing Gym and Punto Blanco.
  • 50 free courses (MOOCs) on different topics: health, music, art, leadership, psychology and wellbeing.

Dive into the world of art and culture: experience VibrArt and Escuela de Espectadores.

Log in to the session of your choice with your institutional account and enjoy the opportunity to interact with students from other campuses.

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Protect your emotional healthexpand_more
Protect your emotional health

These moments of isolation and distance are generating difficult emotions for everyone. In this platform you will find information and resources that help you preserve and promote your emotional health through tips, useful content, recommendations and activities to maintain a balanced inner life. Specifically, you can find:

  • Free 24/7 psychological, medical and nutritional counseling for our community.
  • Personalized accompaniment to each student by mentors, advisors and career directors.
  • Support materials to maintain good emotional and psychological state.
  • Good practices for working from home and maintaining the community despite the distance.

Listen to our Podcast -Cuida tu Mente-, where experts from Tec de Monterrey give you tools and advices to promote a positive life and awareness in the management of emotions, allowing you to connect with others.

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Boost your skillsexpand_more
Boost your skills

Make the most of these circumstances and the subsequent free time to develop new competencies that will advance your skills and preparation. Our alliances with Coursera and edX give you access during the pandemic months to courses, specialized programs (MOOCs), and certificates from the top universities in the world. You can choose from over 2,000 courses and specialization programs, exclusively for Tec students, which will allow you to:

  • Complement your learning.
  • Develop power skills (soft skills).
  • Earn a certificate with curricular value for your undergraduate degree.

We would like to invite you to invest your time and take advantage of this elective course offering focused exclusively on enabling our students to develop and unleash their potential to transform.

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Benefits of Tec Valueexpand_more
Benefits of Tec Value

Through our value partners (suppliers), we have managed to make services available exclusively to our institution’s parents and students with preferential prices, benefits, packages and discounts to support, as far as possible, their pressing financial situation.

Moreover, we have set up a platform for sharing and posting services/products of businesses belonging to the families that form part of our Tec community, so we can mutually support each other by consuming, buying, and completing transactions in the same.

Join this national and local campus initiative! We are certain that together we will be able to deliver many Value Services to the community.

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Tec community outreachexpand_more
Tec community outreach

Tec de Monterrey is a nonprofit institution of society and for society. Consequently, in times of crisis, our institution’s strength and commitment have been outstanding.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the wider community, we have been able to place our academic, medical and scientific capacities at the service of society, thereby reaffirming our role as a key social actor in our community.

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