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HyFlex + Tec Undergraduate

Each course modality offers advantages and limitations. The most important thing is to strike a balance and make the decision that will best adapt to your reality, your needs, and your priorities. You can count on us and our commitment to assure quality and continuity in your academic preparation.

Modalidad remota, Hyflex


Depending on the course and professor, a schedule may or may not be assigned. Classes can be synchronous (live at home) or asynchronous (self-directed activities or individual or team projects). This expands the course offering at your campus, using technological platforms.


  • Study three or more courses in this format, or up to 100% of your academic load in this modality if you prefer or have to stay at home.
  • Remember that LiFE@home has a highly valuable offering available to help you maintain the necessary balance.
Modalidad Híbrida, Hyflex


Half the weekly sessions are in-person*, and the other half are remote.

You will interact in-person* with your professor and classmates, following safety and mobility protocols.

A schedule and physical space are assigned.


  • Hybrid courses should not exceed half of your full semester load.
  • If possible, try to place two hybrid courses in consecutive class times.
  • In the case of Tec21, consider completing the blocks in the hybrid format.
  • Passing periods are taken into consideration.
    When enrolling in your courses, avoid placing one hybrid course and one remote course together.
  • Consider the LiFE@home offering and, gradually, the in-person activities and services.

*When determined by the education and health authorities of the federal, state and municipal governments.

Modalidad Presencial, Hyflex


The presence of at least one professor and reduced group of students is required.

For courses with a high practical component, such as workshops, laboratories, and/or clinics.


  • These course offerings will be limited to those that strictly require in-person learning.
  • We recommend that students who depend heavily on them should advance and fulfill their graduation plans.
4 cosas que debes recordar

Three things to remember

  1. The begginning of the school year will be on August 9.
  2. The hybrid and face-to-face courses that you have registered will begin to be experienced as such when determined by the education and health authorities of the federal, state and municipal governments.
  3. Keep an open mind. Even if you choose an in-person or hybrid course, hybrid courses could immediately switch to the remote modality and in-person courses could be rescheduled, depending on the health traffic light level in your city or campus.


What should I know when returning to Campus?

 What should I know when returning to Campus? 

  • Regardless of the modality in which you have registered your courses, register your vaccine, as soon as you have it, in the Sap Fiori Client App. Follow these simple steps.
  • Make sure you have completed the course "Commitment to my Well-being" available in MiTec.
  • Download the Sap Fiori Client App on your cell phone and learn how to use it in this video tutorial.
  • What measures should I follow during my stay on campus? Get to know them here.

We remind you to check our Conscious Return Site in which we share relevant information about returning to campus, and to approach your Career or Program directors, mentors or tutors. Likewise, at you can resolve any questions or concerns.


Consult the FAQ section for returning to the new reality: