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Alumnos en áreas comunes, campus Monterrey

Human Dignity Education

We have developed strategies for the entire Tec community in order to raise awareness, train and implement the actions we take to promote human dignity, gender equality, diversity and inclusion. The strategies are focused on aligning, reinforcing and expanding our community’s experience of these concepts.

The strategies we have developed include the following:


Awareness strategies in Human Dignity have been created to increase the knowledge, familiarity and standardization of concepts involved in topics related to human dignity, gender, diversity and inclusion. We have given the name of “meeting points” to everything that we have in common, such as empathy, compassion, the capacity to listen and peace processes. We invite you to take advantage of what we have prepared for you.

Online courses

We have online awareness courses for all professors and collaborators. Available at My Space> Success Factors> My Development Plan.

Human dignity
Unconscious bias
Gender perspective
Diversity and inclusion
Gender violence prevention
Gender equality

Human Dignity Talks

These talks are spaces for dialogue between members of the Tec community and address issues of human dignity, gender violence prevention, gender perspective, diversity and inclusion. The talks are given in person on various campuses and are broadcast live through Facebook and Livestream.



Training strategies in human dignity have been created to reinforce knowledge of issues related to human dignity, gender, diversity and inclusion. We invite you to constantly review our course and workshop offerings.

Courses and Workshops

+800 teachers and collaborators have participated in diverse courses and workshops on human dignity issues.

2020 Summer courses offer:

CADI´s Verano 2020

If you require specialized training for your area or department, or if you are an expert in human dignity issues and have prepared courses, please contact us at:

Mindfulness Program in listening, gratitude and compassion

Flyer fuerza de la compasión

Learn about the bases of mindfulness and practical tools to strengthen compassionate capacity and forgiveness, essential elements for recognizing human dignity and for achieving empathy and inclusion.

Coffee Hours

Cuida tu mente Coffe Hours Dignidad Humana
Our Coffee Hours are a dialogue space where the Center for Human Dignity presents a topic and students lead the conversation by expressing their questions and concerns, sharing their points of view with specialists from the Center and other students.

Getting Together

The strategies for living in human dignity have been created to offer real experiences in issues related to human dignity, gender, diversity and inclusion. We invite you to review the events that we have prepared for you.

Open Dialogue Forums

These forums are spaces that give all members of the Tec community the opportunity to express themselves, be listened to, and be genuinely understood.

They require a dialogue where there is a true openness to understanding that other people can be right and where each person is treated with respect and equality within their own context and history.

Using the International Sustained Dialogue Methodology, issues related to the following areas have been discussed:

Human dignity

Gender and sexuality

Health and wellness

Social mobility

Safe community

Gender violence

The future of Tec de Monterrey

Exclusion and discrimination

Open Dialogue Forums have been held on seven campuses. The results they have produced will be the basis for generating local, regional and national actions related to these issues.

Open Dialogue Forums
Local, regional and national actions
Open Dialogue Forums Open Dialogue Forums Open Dialogue Forums Open Dialogue Forums
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Tunnel of memory and tolerance

This activity, held on different campuses, provides participants with real experience for understanding and practicing empathy and inclusion, through historical memory. It is carried out in partnership with the Memory and Tolerance Museum.

Itinerary through our Campuses:

Tec de Monterrey

Campus Puebla
Campus Saltillo
Campus Ciudad de México
Campus Estado de México
Campus Querétaro
Campus Monterrey
Campus Guadalajara
Campus Toluca
Campus Puebla´s Museum


Campus Cancún
Campus Cuautitlán
Campus Guadalajara
Campus Zapopan
Campus Villahermosa
Campus Cd. Juárez
Campus Cuernavaca
Campus Toluca

Tunnel of Memory and Tolerance
Real Experience
Tunnel of Memory and Tolerance Tunnel of Memory and Tolerance Tunnel of Memory and Tolerance Tunnel of Memory and Tolerance Tunnel of Memory and Tolerance
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