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Dignidad humana

Center for the Recognition of Human Dignity

Our objective

We foster the recognition of human dignity in order to become a safer, more equal, diverse and inclusive Institution, thereby promoting human flourishing.

What does the Center for the Recognition of Human Dignity do?

This autonomous entity´s (nationally) takes care of:

1. It addresses and solves cases:

The Center serves as an Ombudsperson, addressing and solving any situations in which human dignity has been infringed upon —such as in the cases of gender violence— in strict compliance with the Code of Ethics and protocols.

2. Coordinate gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategies:

The goal is for human dignity to be recognized and highlighted in each of our actions and processes.

3. Educate, create awareness and generate experiences:

Develop human dignity awareness, education and experiential strategies for every member of the Tec Community.

4. Connect:

Bring together the diverse voices of the Tec Community to generate actions and strategies collectively.

Our areas

About the Recognition Center

As an Ombudsperson, the Center provides solutions for situations in which human dignity has been infringed upon.
It oversees the Institution’s human dignity strategy.

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Gender and Safe Community Office

We foster a safe community where women and men alike can flourish to reach their full potential.
Discover our strategies and actions focused on gender equality and gender violence prevention and intervention.

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Diversity and Inclusion Office

Reconocemos la diversidad de la Comunidad Tec para lograr una inclusión digna.
Conoce nuestras estrategias y acciones de diversidad e inclusión.

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Training in Human Dignity

We have diverse strategies and actions in place to protect human dignity in order to create awareness, educate and fulfill gender equality, diversity and inclusion.
Discover and participate in the diverse opportunities we have for the entre Tec Community.

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Alumnos en áreas comunes de campus Monterrey Alumnos en áreas comunes de campus Monterrey

Consulta el Informe Anual de Transparencia en donde se presentan las acciones de prevención y atención a la violencia e género, así como los avances de los Compromisos HeForShe.

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Eventos Centro de Reconocimiento de la dignidad humana y Género comunidad segura del Tec de Monterrey

Próximos eventos

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Network and Alliances

We work in conjunction with the following networks and organizations:



We want to hear from you!
We are constantly in touch with the Tec Community, listening to the different voices and their needs.

General contact:

Contact for advice or reports on gender violence: