E+E Connections Network


A group of Tecnológico de Monterrey alumni and friends with experience in business administration established the E+E Connections Network. The network was established with the purpose of supporting new businesses formed in Tecnológico de Monterrey’s business incubators and accelerators as well as those in the general community to contribute to the generation of wealth and jobs in Mexico.

E+E Connections began operating in 2008 in Monterrey, with the goal of having a presence throughout Mexico on Tecnológico de Monterrey’s various campuses.

The network currently has fourteen chapters in Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Irapuato, Leon, Mexico, Monterrey, Morelia, Puebla, Queretaro, Sinaloa (Culiacan), Sonora Norte (Hermosillo) and Toluca.

About E+E Connections

E+E Connections is a group of business owners with successful careers in a diverse range of fields who generously share their experience and relational capital with a select group of entrepreneurs who have the potential to generate significant national and international impact.

This network is aligned with Tecnológico de Monterrey’s mission for 2020 of promoting the development of new businesses through a sustainable and reproducible model based on corporate governance practices. These efforts are aimed at making the most of new business owners' potential by providing them with the knowledge and contacts of experienced business owners and well-known consultants allied with the group.

Some of the institutions forming part of this network include Bancomer, Clark, Modet & Cia, Deloitte, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Endeavor and Baker & McKenzie.

E+E Connections’ Services

The companies selected to form part of E+E Connections receive the following benefits:

1. Guidance from advisory boards:

Each company will receive guidance from two or three business owners and mentors in the network who will serve on their advisory boards, guiding the development of their businesses through corporate governance practices implemented in periodic mentoring meetings.

4. Business contacts:

This E+E Connections boosts the prestige of its entrepreneurs by promoting the creation of business networks and putting them in touch with possible suppliers, customers and/or allies to foster the accelerated growth of their businesses.

2. Receive consulting on specific issues based on the experience of business owners in the network:

In addition to the work with their advisory board, companies participating in E+E Connections will have access to guidance from the other business owners/mentors forming part of the network on a national level who do not form part of their advisory board.

5. Relationships with financing and investment entities:

E+E Connections has established alliances with institutions that offer support services for the business development through financing and investment and provides access to these for entrepreneurs.


3. Connection with allied consultants:

Through its alliances, E+E Connections members will have access to well-known consulting firms for issues requiring a high level of specialization.

6. E+E Connections endorsement:

E+E Connections offers invaluable opportunities and tools for new businesses:

•     Participating in E+E Connections will open doors to new business contacts and entities dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship.
•    The program puts entrepreneurs in contact with successful business owners who provide them with expert advice.
•    The program is aimed at spreading a culture of entrepreneurship and promoting the creation of business networks.
•    It was established to foster the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, guiding their development through corporate governance practices.
•    Another goal of the program is to increase awareness at public and private aid institutions of the needs of these types of businesses.

4. Vinculación con contactos de negocio:

Mediante este servicio, ENLACE E+E respalda el prestigio de sus emprendedores promoviendo la creación de redes de negocio, vinculándolos con posibles proveedores, clientes y/o aliados para impulsar el desarrollo acelerado de sus empresas.

5. Vinculación con organismos que puedan ofrecer financiamiento e inversión:

Enlace E+E cuenta con diversas alianzas con instituciones que ofrecen servicios de apoyo para el desarrollo de empresas a través de financiamiento e inversión, mismas que se ponen al servicio de los emprendedores.

6. Respaldo del "sello ENLACE E+E":

La Red ofrece un distintivo de alto valor para las nuevas empresas:

•    Al ofrecer respaldo a través del "sello ENLACE E+E" para abrir puertas con contactos de negocio y organismos promotores del emprendimiento.
•    Al poner a disposición de los emprendedores orientación altamente calificada por parte de empresarios exitosos.
•    Difundir la cultura de emprendimiento y favorecer la creación de redes de negocio.
•    Impulsar el crecimiento de las pequeñas y medianas empresas (PYMES), guiando su desarrollo a través de prácticas de gobierno corporativo.
•    Sensibilizar a las instituciones de apoyo, públicas y privadas, sobre las necesidades de este sector de empresas

E+E’s Allies

Allies of E+E Connections give preference to businesses in the network, providing them with highly specialized consulting services free of charge or at a discount.

Some of the institutions forming part of this network include:

  • Deloitte
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • KPMG

In addition, E+E Connections puts entrepreneurs in contact with public and private financing institutions, investor’s clubs and business contacts (customers, suppliers, distributors, etc.).

To join E+E

E+E Connections helps established businesses in all industries in two categories:

  1. Small and medium-sized businesses that have been operating for over two years and have sales of over US $100,000/year.
  2. Start-ups with a defined business model that has the potential for outstanding growth within two years of its implementation.

All candidates must have outstanding entrepreneurial leadership in addition to an innovative and scalable business model.

To submit an application to be considered in the selection process, request an interview at enlace.ee@itesm.mx.

E+E Connections Network