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Business Incubator Network


In order to boost entrepreneurship amongst students and encourage the creation and development of new businesses, in 2001 we developed a Business Incubator Network.

Not only has this model allowed to transform into real companies the ideas developed in the entrepreneurship courses, but also the ideas of our alumni and the community. Accordingly, we built a network of business incubators in Tecnológico de Monterrey and became a pioneer in Latin America, founding the first of these incubators in Monterrey Campus in October 2001.

As mentioned in its 2015 Mission, this network of business incubators has strengthened Tecnológico de Monterrey’s commitment to support the development of the country by creating, developing, and transferring models and networks of incubators in order to contribute to the creation of businesses.

What is a Network of Incubators?

Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Business Incubator Network is a comprehensive platform supporting the creation and development of start-ups, providing the tools and support required by the entrepreneurs in order to have more and better opportunities to start and create their own business. Its main objectives are:

* Providing students, alumni, and the entrepreneurial community with a model for developing start-ups.

* Training competitive entrepreneurs and companies in the national and international arena, so that they contribute to the social development of their communities.

* Encouraging the contribution of Tecnológico de Monterrey’s campuses to the development of the region where they operate.

Within the Business Incubator Network, we provide for projects that require different demands for support due to both the nature of their respective business models, and the level of technology involved. Hence, we have three Sub-Networks of Business Incubators, the first of their kind in Latin America:

Network of Technology-Based Incubators:

It supports the transformation of innovative ideas and projects of high-added value companies that generate new knowledge in progressive sectors such as agro-biotechnology, biotechnology, development of IT, pharmaceutics, biomedical engineer, energy, aerospace and automotive engineering

Network of Intermediate-Technology Incubators:

This network supports the creation, development, and consolidation of companies with a business model involving processes that integrate elements of innovation. The network advises companies on consulting, telecommunications, franchise development, software services, construction, agro-businesses, and commerce, among others.

Network of Social Incubators

This network promotes the creation and strengthening of microbusinesses by providing training and advice to entrepreneurs, so that they can undertake productive projects that are both a source of employment and a driver of growth within their communities. In addition, the network offers educational programs to develop and enhance people’s business skills.

Intermediate technology and high technology networks have served over 3,000 projects in the last two years. These businesses have created over 6,000 direct employment opportunities (2010-2011).

Similarly, the Network of Social Incubators has advised over 3,500 microbusinesses during the last five years, assisted by the active participation of 13,195 student advisors from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Model of Business Incubators

The Model of Business Incubators developed by Tecnológico de Monterrey consists of three stages: creation (pre-incubation), development (incubation), and business consolidation (post-incubation). We support entrepreneurs all through the three stages.

1 Pre-Incubation

Identifying business opportunities, developing a business model, and creating the company.

2 Incubation

Facilitating and overseeing companies all the way through implementation, operation, and development

3 Post-Incubation

Delivering support and monitoring companies in order to promote their growth and market consolidation

The Business Incubator Network has over 700 specialists who provide coaching and advice all through this process.

Incubation Services

Through the Model of Business Incubators, our Business Incubator Network offers direct assistance to entrepreneurs and businessmen during the three stages of the model. There is also an array of services to help them achieve and consolidate their business idea. Entrepreneurs and businessmen receive comprehensive support through:

  • Customized coaching
  • Specialized advice in areas such as:
    • Management
    • Marketing and sales
    • Accounting and finances
    • Foreign trade
    • Legal issues
    • Technology
  • Business training
  • Business networking
  • Links to opportunities for funding and investment
  • Links to Tecnológico de Monterrey’s research centers and laboratories

In addition to the comprehensive services offered, the Business Incubator Network has found that all companies and entrepreneurs have specific requirements if they are to obtain the desired development. For that reason, we have created two types of incubation:

On-Site Mode

In this mode, the entrepreneur has a workplace to carry out the operations of his business within the facilities of one of our business incubators at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Online Mode

In this mode, we offer support services to those entrepreneurs and businessmen living far away from any of the Tecnológico de Monterrey’s business incubators, or to those who already have a place for their business operations. The Online Incubation service is accessed through Portal Emprendetec, providing entrepreneurs with a flexible and secure tool always available to them. This tool will provide them with guidance and assistance to build and develop a successful company.

Who Can Participate?

The Business Incubator Network developed by Tecnológico de Monterrey is intended for those entrepreneurs who wish to make their business idea come true. Hence it supports:

  • Students from all undergraduate and graduate programs offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Parents of Tecnológico de Monterrey’s students
  • Alumni from Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Teaching and administrative staff from Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • General public wishing to start their own business
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to develop their business plan or to launch a new product line
  • Researchers and scientists seeking to develop their products or business

Where are the incubators located?

Today, the Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Business Incubator Network has 101 Business Incubators: 25 Intermediate Technology, 8 High Technology, and 67 Social Incubators. These Incubators are distributed nationwide; in addition, an Online Incubator provides services through the website Portal Emprendetec.

Campus Type of incubator Contact Email Phone number
Social Incubators Social Lic. Jairo Ruiz Nava Tel. (81) 8358 2000 Ext. 6462
High impact Incubator Social Lic. Odille Sánchez Domínguez Tel. (81) 8358 2000 Ext. 5508
Aguascalientes High Technology Laura Fernanda Escareño Tel.(449)9100900 Ext. 5522
Chihuahua Intermediate Technology Sara Delia Aragón Tel.(614)4395000 Ext. 5511
Ciudad Juárez Intermediate Technology Silvia Marquez de la Rosa Tel.(656)6299100 Ext. 3202
Cuernavaca Intermediate Technology Jaime Guillermo Arau Ruíz Tel. (777) 329 7100 Ext. 1899
Estado de México Intermediate Technology and High Technology Alma Leticia Torres Quiroz Tel.(55) 5864 5555 Ext. 5311
Estado de México Hub Social Entrepreneurship Carolina Soria Aldaz Tel. (55) 5864 5831
Guadalajara Intermediate Technology and High Technology Geraldina Silveyra Leon Tel.(33)36693000 Ext. 2217
Guadalajara Hub Social Entrepreneurship Alejandro Morales Tel. (33) 38 322 937
Hidalgo Intermediate Technology Alejandra Zamudio Tel. (771)717 1855 Ext. 1891
Hidalgo Social Entrepreneurship Nora Elena Barba Evia Tel. (771) 714 4161
Irapuato Intermediate Technology Ma. Guadalupe Gallardo Serrano Tel.(462)6068000 Ext. 4819
Laguna Intermediate Technology Juan Diego Hinojosa Sandoval Tel.(871)7296363 Ext. 6520
León Intermediate Technology José Ramiro Quezada Díaz Tel.(477)7109000 Ext. 3520
Monterrey Intermediate Technology Neri Elia Ríos Enríquez Tel. (81) 8358 2000 Ext. 4960
Monterrey Hub Social Entrepreneurship Christian Hernando Salazar Mantilla Tel. (81) 835 8200
Ext. 4411
Morelia Intermediate Technology Maximiliano Mendiola Tel. (443)3226820
Ext. 3162
Puebla Intermediate Technology Manuel Calderón Leyva Tel. (222)3032265 Ext.  1957
Puebla Hub Social Entrepreneurship Hilda Ortiz Tel. 80 783 2292
Querétaro Intermediate and High Technology Marisol Díaz Infante Arrambide Tel.(442)2383383
Ext. 3383
Querétaro Hub Social Entrepreneurship Itzel Medina Cornejo Tel. (442) 218 6675
Saltillo Intermediate Technology Olga Lydia Martínez Cardona Tel.(844)4118000
Ext. 3193
San Luis Potosí Intermediate and High Technology Rafael Antonio Tristán Zamores Tel.(444)8341000
Ext. 2678
Santa Fe High Technology Adriana Cervantes Gómez Tel.(55)91778000
Ext. 8189
Santa Fe Hub Social Entrepreneurship Nitzia Peña Tel. (55) 9177 8000 Ext. 7827
Sinaloa Intermediate Technology Cinthya Flores Rivera Tel.(667)7591600
Ext. 1631
Tampico Intermediate Technology Maria Magdalena Ocon Pérez Tel.(833)2291600
Ext. 2912
Toluca Intermediate and High Technology Carlos Dotor Tel.(722) 279 9990 Ext. 2257, 2727 y 2735
Toluca Toluca Social Incubator Silvia Tinajero Tel.(722) 279 9990 Ext. 2962



Business Incubator Network
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