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Guidelines for the January/February-June 2022

  • Next trimester and semester will take place mainly in-person, maintaining some digital flexibility elements.
  • LiFE sessions and face to face academic events will be increased.
  • We will strengthen our in-person International Programs and Global Classroom will continue to be available.
  • We recommend that non-local students prepare their on-campus attendance in advance.
  • Students aged 18 and over must register their vaccine on the App. This will be necessary for campus attendance.

November 10, 2021

Guidelines for the January/February-June 2022 Academic Period 

Dear Student,

The pandemic has left us important lessons and legacies that are worth preserving. We have confirmed that face to face learning makes it easier for you to develop professional and personal competencies that are generated through interaction with your professors, teamwork sessions, and the comprehensive university experience that can only occur on campus. In addition, this time has shown that in-person learning is key to our operation as an educational institution.

We have also learned that technology-supported flexibility and the combination of different course delivery modalities — face to face, hybrid and remote — contribute to your comprehensive development and prepare you for the professional environment of the future. This is why for over 30 years we have innovated with digital and remote experiences through platforms that seek to bring our student community closer to our faculty and resources, to which they would have limited access in person.

We are thrilled that during this semester students have displayed very positive emotions on returning to campus and taking classes in the classrooms. Therefore, based on the conditions of each state, we would like to share with you the guidelines for the next academic periods:

  • Trimester/semester will take place mainly in-person, while maintaining some technology-supported digital flexibility elements that will contribute to your preparation, according to your academic programs and the stage you are at of your curriculum.
  • Face to face academic programs will predominate, which is why it is important to carefully check the courses available at your campus, since there will be fewer remote options. 
  • The academic period will contemplate classes and activities in four modalities:
    1. Face to face: Sessions will take place in the classroom and, therefore, require on-campus attendance.
    2. Synchronous Hybrid Learning: A combination of simultaneous remote and in-person sessions. Attendance is required, since face to face activities could be included in sessions that grade towards evaluation. 
    3. Alternated Sessions: Limited to some laboratory practicals and sessions with projects, that will include on-campus activities that require attendance.
    4. Remote Learning: It is referred mainly to national or regional groups and/or with multicampus faculty, delivered either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • LiFE sessions and face to face academic activities and events will be increased.
  • We will strengthen the in-person International Programs for the intensive periods (Winter-Summer) and for next trimester/semester. If you are an undergraduate student, we will be keeping the Global Classroom academic program to allow you to access digital international experiences with partner universities.
  • Campus services will be fully available.
  • If you are a non-local student, please prepare your attendance in advance at the campus where you enrolled.
  • Formal attendance will be expected of students who have enrolled in hybrid and face to face courses.
  • We will maintain strict adherence to the health protocols included in our Conscious Reopening Plan.
  • Just like the more than 34 thousand students who have already done so, students aged 18 and over must register their vaccine on the SAP Fiori Client App. How to register: Vaccine Registration
     Vaccine Registration in the SAP Fiori App

  • Vaccine registration will be necessary to attend campus as of the following dates:
    a) Graduate, trimester: January 2022.
    b) Graduate, semester; undergraduate, prior 2019 curricula and Tec21: February 2022.
  • If for any reason you do not have the complete vaccination schedule, you will be able to access the remote offer available on your campus.

Remember to consult our official channels and visit the Conscious Return Site. We also recommend contacting your Degree or Program director, mentor or tutor for further information. 

You are the campus! Live it!

Juan Pablo Murra Lascurain
Rector for Higher Education 

Víctor Gutiérrez Aladro
Rector of Operations