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Frequently Asked Questions

directions_run Making way for the new reality

Making way for the new reality

Academic experience


How many classes will be face-to-face, remote and hybrid?

During the next academic period the modality of classes and activities will be 100% face-to-face; the digital elements of each program will be maintained based on the specific objectives.


Will the exchanges continue?

Virtual international programs will continue to be offered. In addition, face-to-face programs will be offered and will be confirmed based on the evolution of the pandemic. For more details and particular cases, we suggest you contact the Vice Rector's Office for Internationalization at

Is it necessary to be in isolation after a national/international trip?

Upon return, it will not be necessary to have a period of isolation or take a COVID-19 test. However, it is important to pay attention to any symptoms during the week after the trip. Avoid attending class if symptoms appear, and notify the Campus Medical Service of any eventuality.

What would happen if, while I am abroad, my host university closes again?

You will need to contact the International Programs office at your host university to find out what to do next, and also contact the International Programs Office on your campus to report your situation and receive further guidance.

Do I need to be vaccinated to go on International Programs?

Directions on how to travel to your destination are set by each country and the host university. Most countries require a PCR test before travel and some countries have additional requirements. You should check the official websites of the airline, the embassy of the country of your destination, and the host university constantly.

If I apply to participate in an International and it is subsequently canceled, will I have the option of a refund?

Each semester the International Programs area establishes the reimbursement policies for each of the programs abroad. This information can be consulted at the time of applying for your participation. If Tecnológico de Monterrey decides to cancel the international mobility of all its students, depending on the moment, it will make known the general conditions that may apply for a refund. In recent semesters, a deadline has been established (before the start of the program) to ensure 100% reimbursement. Check with the International Programs office on your campus for this date.

When will Educational Experiences Abroad be resumed?

This semester we will strengthen our In-person international experiences. We recommend that you approach the person in charge of international programs at your high school to learn about the offer and format of the available educational experiences abroad.

Starting when and until when will applications be received to access this fund? When will I receive an answer?

Access to the Fund for the next term will be available on the following dates:

  • Winter: January 4-6.
  • High School, Quarterly graduate program, Medical Clinics: January 11-22.
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs Semester February-June: February 8-19.
  • Medical Clinics April- June: April 5-9.
  • Quarterly graduate program April-June: April 19-23.

The date on which you will receive a response will be indicated in the receipt confirmation of your request.

We remind you that access to the Fund application is made through the miTec portal, following the same process that we have implemented on previous occasions.


How many days will be spent on campus?

The modality of classes and activities are 100% face-to-face; the digital elements of each program will be maintained based on the specific objectives.

What will happen in case there is an outbreak of the virus in the city and/or in 

The medical experts will evaluate the local situation and provide the pertinent recommendations to safeguard our community’s health.

Is it possible for me to take the whole semester online without physically going to PrepaTec?

The format of classes and activities are 100% in-person; each program’s digital elements will remain based on the specific objectives.


Do the facilities have any certification?

Our Residences have been certified "CovidClean", a distinctive granted by the Safe Hotels organization, a world leader in certification of security and protection of lodging services.

Are residences enabled?

Yes, our Residence halls have been certified “CovidClean”, a distinction granted by the Safe Hotels organization, a world leader in safety and security certification for hotel services. We have been advised by the best experts, both from Tec Salud and international institutions specialized in pandemic management, to return to safe campuses that offer an environment that gives confidence and maximizes wellness care. In-person activities that we can carry out will meet the highest standards of healthy distance and sanitization of all our spaces. In the case of the residences, physical, health, and hygiene measures will be maximized in all facilities: rooms, common rooms, cinema rooms, game rooms, corridors, and reception.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract?

A penalty will be applied according to the cancellation date of the contract. For more information about this process, please contact your campus Residence Hall.

Can I receive visitors during my stay in the Residences?

Yes, as long as hygiene and safety protocols are followed:

How will the cleaning of the common areas be done, what measures will be used in these spaces?

The spaces and common areas will be disinfected more frequently in accordance with WHO protocols, also aligned with our cleaning protocols established by the cleaning committee and approved by Tec Salud.

What happens if a positive case is detected among residents?

In the event that a resident is diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she will be transferred to an isolation room, will abide by the measures imposed by the institution and we will notify the campus Medical Services leader to determine the next actions.

What will be the protocol for cleaning in common bathrooms and areas?

We will follow the guidelines established by the cleanliness committee, which are supported by Tec Salud, taking care of the issue of social distancing, we will remove non-essential furniture and spaces will be sanitized more frequently.

Will the spaces and common areas be available for use?

Yes, as long as hygiene and safety protocols are followed:

Congresses and events

What would be the limit of people in the events?

Events will not be allowed in the initial stage during the return phase.

If they are online, will any platform be provided to be able to have our congress with a charge?

At the moment we do not have a platform that allows us to do that, we are looking for the support of Administration and Finance or Treasury to help us develop the platform.

Will the press be allowed to enter?

Consult the Visitors´ Access Control Protocol of your campus to know the preventive conditions.

What will be the protocols for the admission and exit of suppliers or sponsors? Can companies be admitted to promote themselves?

Consult the Visitors´ Access Control Protocol of your campus to know the preventive conditions.

If a person with symptoms is detected in the event, what steps should be taken?

You should be referred to the COVID-19 First Aid Module, which is separate from the medical service, exclusively for the evaluation of people with symptoms.

Are we going to be trained to deal with all the concerns about sanitary measures?

The trainer, whether coach, instructor or professor, will be able to guide the students on sanitary measures.

Will there be restrictions on the number of people?

There will be a maximum capacity of 50% as long as the social distance of 1.5 meters is met. (Specify in which space).

Health and Safety

What are the health measures for fully vaccinated people?

Regarding the recommendations of the health authorities of our country on safety and health measures for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, at Tecnológico de Monterrey we agreed to maintain the protocols until further notice in our Conscious Reopening Plan. We ask our community to continue with complete adherence to the primary safety and health mandates:

  • Optional use of facemasks.
  • Keep a safe distance from others as long as the local protocol indicates.
  • Wash hands frequently and apply antibacterial gel.

We will continue to be aware of and communicate the recommendations of our TecSalud and Medical Services teams who are constantly researching and updating the necessary actions we should take to mitigate the risk of contagion and eventually stop the pandemic.

Does the student's medical insurance cover the care and treatment by contagion from COVID-19?

Yes, it is covered, as an illness with its respective deductible and coinsurance. As with all illnesses, the deductible must be met in order for the insurance to be applied.

Do students who are vulnerable or have interaction with people who are vulnerable must also return to physical presence?

Tec's priority is to take care of the health and safety of our community, so students can choose the remote offer available on their campus in case they wish to stay at home.

What will happen to those who live in the residences?

We have been advised by experts, both from TecSalud and from international institutions specializing in pandemic management, to return to safe campuses that offer an environment that provides confidence and maximizes well-being. The on-site activities that we can carry out will meet the strictest standards of healthy distance and sanitization of all our spaces. In the case of the residences, we will take extreme physical, health and hygiene measures in all the facilities: rooms, common rooms, cinema room, game rooms, hallways and reception.

In case there is a new outbreak of the virus, do we have to go back home?

If so, we will ask you to be aware of the official communications from your campus, which will provide all the instructions to be followed.

How are you going to ensure that all students and staff take the necessary health measures?

To lower the risk of contagion, our facilities and physical spaces have been adapted and reconfigured to comply with health and safety standards, in addition to promoting information on the protocols and awareness of the preventive measures adopted to achieve a responsible return to campus.

What about the spaces in the Library and the cafeterias?

Library and cafeteria services are available, but we recommend eating outdoors.

What about transportation services?

Expreso TEC and other transportation services will continue to provide service under strict safety and hygiene measures inside each vehicle. The transportation vehicles will have disinfectant available at the door. All users must apply it when boarding and use facemasks.

Will gyms and fitness centers be open?

We recommend you contact your campus to know what fitness and sports activities are available there.

Does the Tec medical staff have sufficient Personal Protective Equipment to treat sick students attending the clinic?

Since the symptoms are nonspecific and the medical offices are a major focus of contagion.
The medical staff will have the necessary personal protective equipment for both their health care and for the prevention of infection of the people attending the health care spaces.

Why return, given the circumstances? Don't you think it's too much of a risk to the community?

The decision to return to in-person educational activities is the responsibility of the federal and state Departments of Education and Health Departments. The conscious reopening of our facilities provides an environment prepared to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of all members of our community. We are also responding to the needs and requests of our students, many of whom wish to return to the classroom. The social aspects of university life, particularly our students’ overall experience, is very important to us. All members of the TEC community are responsible for collaborating and committing to comply with protocols and take care of each other.

How is the ventilation in closed spaces ensured?

As part of the conscious return to our campuses, we have analyzed the characteristics of the spaces and, based on this, we have incorporated the ventilation measures considered most effective for each space. These measures are aligned with applicable regulations, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), and national and international best practices. Our solutions may include natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation through injection and extraction, renewing the air with new air from outside, and portable purifiers and filters in the air-conditioning system, which stop the droplets expelled by that inside. These measures complement health and hygiene protocols, such as the optional use of facemasks and limiting capacity.