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Business Family Fundamentals

Course’s Objective, Format and Information

To give participants insight into the fundamental interdependence of the family, ownership and business issues that every family member, whether they are involved with the business, investments or a family office, will face. This program also seeks to provide successful tools for addressing the family dynamics generated around family businesses.

Online self-directed learning featuring animated concepts, reflection sections, case studies, videos, audio dialogues, risk-factor analysis, activities, suggested readings, and discussion forums. Requires an Internet connection. This course can be accessed through devices such as: iPhone, iPad, etc.

This course targets two types of audiences:
1. For collegiate and university-level students. To better understand the dynamics related to business families, including the diverse motivations and perspectives from the standpoints of the different family members.

Approximately 5 hours, self-paced.

If you are a Tecnológico de Monterrey professor or student and would like to access this course, please contact us here:

2. For family business consultants, including senior executives, lawyers, accountants, business consultants, managers, advisors or board members, among others.

Approximately 15 hours, self-paced.

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*Information from BFF website.